Pension scams

8 February 2021

B&CE Peoples Pension has been working hard to raise awareness around pension scams.

Pension scams wreck lives. B&CE Peoples Pension estimate that as much as Ā£14.6 billion may have been defrauded from UK pension savers and their report with the Police Foundation shared the need for greater powers to tackle the growing problem of scammers stealing peopleā€™s savings. B&CE Peoples Pension followed it up by hosting a virtual roundtable with pensions experts and influencers to discuss ā€˜Who is protecting my pension?ā€™.

To drive more momentum among key decision-makers, B&CE Peoples Pension has also:

  • given evidence to a parliamentary inquiry on scams
  • secured a short debate in the House of Lords and 
  • tabled questions in the House of Commons about the issues.

Read about their virtual roundtable on scams in a blog by Samantha Wilding.