Have your say on how the levy is raised

11 March 2021

CITB are the custodians of the Industry’s Levy. They collect this from all but the smallest construction employers and use it to invest in the skills and training construction needs – both right now and what will be needed in the future. They work closely with government to influence funding and policy, and partner with industry to prioritise their work; providing funding direct to employers and a range of other services to help attract new talent and retain and skill construction workers.

Last year employers made it clear that CITB should focus on supporting them through the pandemic and postponed the Consensus exercise. This year employers will be assessed at a reduced rate, whilst CITB continues to maximise the support they provide to employers.

From your feedback CITB know now is the right time to proceed with running Consensus. They’re looking forward to talking with businesses from across the sector to understand their views, and explaining how they’ll use their money to provide the training and the skills that the industry needs.

While views are sought on the draft Levy Proposals, CITB has also assessed the areas of greatest need for developing skills in the sector and will be testing the top 10 that their evidence suggests. CITB will enhance funding and support to these areas, which include skills gaps, jobs shortages, and the industry’s environmental impact.

Consensus and the Levy: virtual events for employers

Levy registered employers can take part in the consultation from Monday 1 March to Sunday 11 April at www.citb.co.uk/levyconsultation. Employers can register for virtual events at www.citb.co.uk/spring2021events.

Once feedback on the draft Levy Proposals is in, the Consensus exercise will take place from Monday 14 June to Sunday 15 August, with more information available at www.citb.co.uk/consensus2021.