Build UK continues to support exemption

30 July 2021

Build UK continues to support the CBI’s call for fully vaccinated individuals identified as close contacts to be made exempt from self‐isolation as soon as possible, rather than wait until 16 August. The current ‘pingdemic’ is affecting all sectors of the economy, including construction, and the CLC has also now issued a press release calling for the change in policy to be brought forward to “ensure the industry doesn’t grind to a halt”.

As it stands, the Government has identified a list of sectors where critical workers may be able to leave self‐isolation to go to work in order to prevent “major detrimental impact on the availability, integrity or delivery of essential services”. However, the list is extremely limited and does not include construction, and the exemption will only apply to a small number of workers in a sector.

Sites can continue to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of coronavirus by following the Site Operating Procedures, which remain available as a reference document, implementing the Use of Face Coverings in Construction, and maintaining workplace testing programmes.