The Most Paw-Some Park in Hellingly!

9 July 2021

In the past year, outdoor spaces have proven to be a haven for local communities across the country and has allowed us to really value these spaces for ourselves and those around us. Twelve-year-old Isabel Young is a shining example of what can be achieved in the local community. Brewers were more than happy to get involved with her idea to provide an outdoor space for our most loved companions ‚Äď dogs!

Isabel decided that an unused part of Hellingly Country Park was the perfect space to utilise her families experience and create a dog agility course. Having successfully received permission from the council, local businesses and residents near to the park gladly donated resources, so most of the obstacles are made from recycled materials.

Brewers were also happy to get involved as some non-slip paint was required for parts of the course. Cuprinol decking stain was used in red and green to colour certain parts of the obstacles. If a dog successfully touches the red and green zones, they have successfully completed that part of the course and can move onto the next obstacle!