Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation

2 September 2021

To drive the economic recovery post‐COVID‐19, the industry will need to overcome its longstanding skills gaps. Whilst Build UK continue to discuss the new Points‐Based Immigration System with the Home Office, employers should look at what they can do to recruit the next generation of UK workers as well as retain the existing workforce. One of the best ways to show how fantastic it is to work in construction is to open up our sites, offices and other workplaces or host an online event during Open Doors.

Open Doors will take place between Monday 4 – Saturday 9 October 2021 and offers a unique chance for the public to go behind the site hoardings of live construction sites, offices, factories, and training centres across the UK, and discover how the communities they live in are shaped and constructed by a fantastic industry.

Build UK members have already registered over 100 events to take people behind the hoardings and if your organisation is yet to get involved what are you waiting for! Build UK are asking every Contractor member to host at least one event and you have until 24 September to upload the details on the Open Doors website.

Member’s of the Painting and Decorating Association can participate in Open Doors for free.

The event went virtual in 2020 due to coronavirus and the below video report, with highlights from the week, was created. Open Doors seeks to inspire young people and career changers of all ages to consider and explore a dynamic and exciting career in the construction industry.

In previous years, the campaign has been incredibly well received with lots of positivity on social media and in the trade and local press. There have been some good news stories come out of it as well where students have been offered work experience or have gone on to start their career in the industry.

If you have a training centre, office, or project that you would like to show off, help to inspire the next generation and get in touch with the Open Doors team.

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