Get the perfect match, with Valspar Trade

17 March 2022

Valspar Trade is excited to announce the launch of its exclusive Perfect Match community, designed to provide those in the trade with the support they need to offer their customers the best possible service, when it comes to choosing the colours for their next project.

Valspar Trade not only has the largest colour offering, with 2,000 pre-selected colours, but its colour matching technology is also like no other. The manufacturer can match a sample the size of your fingernail and mix the colour in store in minutes. With a database of over 2.2 million colours, if the human eye can see it then Valspar Trade can mix it ā€“ meaning customers should never be disappointed.

Register for The Perfect Match for a host of benefits all focused on achieving that perfect match for the end customer ā€“ whether thatā€™s finding an exact colour match, or a complementary colour scheme. By working with Valspar Trade, tradespeople can be assured that they will match their customersā€™ expectations.

Upon the initial sign-up, members of the Valspar Trade community will receive a free colour fan deck and 20 unique codes that allow their customers to order colour chips for free from the Valspar website (usually Ā£5/ā‚¬5). Members will also benefit from money-off vouchers to spend in store at TradePoint and a quarterly trends e-newsletter, ensuring that they are kept up to date with the latest design trends and news – insight that they can then pass on to their customers.

The first people to register will also receive a welcome pack with a Valspar Trade T-shirt, cap and van sticker.

Speaking about the launch of the Perfect Match, Laura Hettenbach, Sherwin-Williamsā€™ Senior Trade Brands Campaign Manager, said:

ā€œAt Valspar Trade, weā€™re committed to providing the trade with the tools they need to offer the best possible service to customers. The Perfect Match is a great example of this: an exclusive community whereby members will receive a whole host of benefits, both for their business and for their customers, putting them in touch with our superior colour matching technology and industry expertise.ā€

Valspar Trade offers a range of high-quality water-based products from walls and ceiling paint to primers, undercoats, wood and metal paint. The advanced formulations deliver on all fronts, designed to achieve the perfect finish every time.

For more information on Valspar Trade or to sign-up to the Perfect Match, please visit: