Free TIMBABUILD training session

15 July 2022

TIMBABUILD invite you to their FREE training session for the Epoxy Wood Repair System ā€“ in Warrington Town Centre.

This FREE training session is suitable for all types of Decorators looking to broaden their skill set into performing high-quality durable repairs and refurbishments to damaged or decayed wooden elements such as windows, doors, soffits, weatherboards or decorative structures prior to paint.

The training session will allow you to use all of the products in the range, and physically carry out actual repairs so that you can use the products in real situations with 100% confidence in your abilities. There is also the theoretical aspects of the system, where we will explain the doā€™s and donā€™ts and the most common pitfalls and misconceptions.

What will be covered:

They will explain the different types of repairs, how to assess and approach the damage and the type of repair and Timbabuild product that will be required. A start-to-finish overview of the repair process, and the finishing process including Timbabuild FINISH and TIMBAGLAZE Hybrid Polymer Sealant.

Importantly, they will explain why TIMBABUILD Epoxy Repairs offer such a great advantage over other fillers, and why they can offer a 50-year repair guarantee.

Why you need to attend:

All the tools you will use are provided so all you need to bring is yourself and ideally wear your usual protective clothing. You will be given full guidance along the way to make sure that by the end of the course you are completely happy & confident using Timbabuild. Upon completion of the course, a certificate of competence will be issued to you. You will additionally be listed on the Timbabuild website as an approved contractor in the system.

The course is on Thursday 28 July at 10.00 am and is entirely free. At the end of the session, you will be given the opportunity to buy Timbabuild’s starter kit, without obligation.

The venue has ample parking facilities, and the whole session will last a little over 4 hours. The venue is easily accessed from the M6 and M62 motorways. Refreshments will be provided.

If you would like to join Timbabuild, please contact [email protected] with your name and telephone number and they will look forward to meeting you!

Alternatively, you can contact them through the usual social media channels.