ONS labour market statistics

15 August 2023

Background/top lines:

  • Today’s figures show that there’s nearly 3.9 million more people in jobs than in 2010. Inactivity has reduced by 319,000 since the pandemic peak.
  • This shows our drive to get more people working across the country is paying off and we are doing more through our extra £3.5bn dedicated at the last Budget. This includes £2bn of targeted support for people with long-term illnesses and disabilities.
  • We are also seeing more people from all backgrounds progress, including people from ethnic minorities. Today’s ethnic minority employment rate is at a near record high.
  • Work coaches across our Jobcentre network offer tailored help to suit every customer’s needs whether that’s through our Youth Hubs or nationwide Sector-Based Academy Programmes.  
  • Supporting people into work is a key priority for this Government and our investments are part of wider reforms with the OBR forecasting that this will add 110,000 workers to the labour market by 2027 – 28.

The Minister for Employments statement in response to today’s ONS labour market statistics:

“Our jobs market continues to show its strength with employment at near record levels and inactivity down by over 300,000 since the pandemic peak. Combined with falling inflation and our package of reforms to remove barriers to work, we are on the right path to drive down household costs and grow our economy.”

Minister for Employment, Guy Opperman MP