The Draft Consolidated Budget

19 January 2024

The Mayor has now published his Draft Consolidated Budget for the GLA Group. As part of a range of measure to support Londoners and build a fairer, safer and greener London for everyone, the Budget includes a proposed additional Ā£50 million to help more Londoners, businesses and charities scrap or retrofit their older, more polluting vehicles. This would bring the total funding pot available to Ā£210 million to help eligible residents and organisations whose vehicles don’t meet the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards.

The scrappage and retrofit scheme is playing an important role in supporting Londoners, businesses and charities to switch to cleaner, greener modes of transport. The scheme is the largest programme of its kind in the UKā€”despite London and those outside London receiving no help from the national government, unlike every other clean air scheme in the country. Already, more than 40,000 Londoners and London businesses and charities have had their applications for scrappage grants for the outer London expansion approved to date, with thousands more applications being received and processed each week.

The Draft Consolidated Budget will be considered by the London Assembly at its plenary meeting on Thursday 25 January. You can read the Budget on the GLA website: