Welcome to the Hard Hat Heads Up!

20 March 2024

Exciting news awaits you in this fresh edition of the Hard Hat Heads Up and we’re eager to share the latest developments and upcoming awareness initiatives. These initiatives aim to shed light on important issues and provide you with the valuable resources you need to share with you teams and supply chain. Your continued support fuels our ability to create real change, and we can’t thank you enough for partnering with us.

Hello from Sarah Poirier

Regional Ambassador

Sarah Poirier serves as one of our dedicated Regional Ambassadors, overseeing the Midlands, Nottingham and Derby, East Anglia, and Lincolnshire regions. Working hand in hand with our volunteer committee members, Sarah ensures that our message of support resonates within each respective region and provides updates on the charitable services we offer. Sarah has also nurtured strong connections with our existing Company Supporters through her active involvement in their events and enhancing the partnership experience to ensure that our supporters are accessing all the services available to them. Her active participation in construction related events and forums has further amplified the charity’s visibility and fostered positive relationships that showcase collaborative working and extend our message of support to our construction community.

If you have any questions for our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Your annual donation ensures we can provide more support to even more people, including emergency food shops, fast access to counselling, and funding our MakeItVisible On-site initiative and Critical Support Team.

Our Wellbeing Campaigns – This Month


Prostate cancer awareness is vital for early detection and treatment, potentially saving lives through education and screening initiatives. Increased awareness fosters open discussions, encourages proactive healthcare decisions, and supports ongoing research for improved treatments and outcomes


Women in Construction Week may be over but we should continue to promote gender diversity and inclusion within the construction industry. Help us raise awareness and advocate for equal opportunities all year round by visiting out campaign page.


World Sleep Day emphasised the critical role of quality sleep in maintaining overall health and wellbeing, promoting awareness about the importance of healthy sleep habits and addressing sleep related disorders for a better overall quality of life. Find out more about how to improve your sleep quality by visiting the campaign page.


Debt Awareness Week is crucial for fostering responsible financial habits and avoiding the pitfalls of excessive borrowing, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and achieve long-term financial stability. By understanding the implications of debt, individuals can take proactive steps to manage their finances effectively, reducing stress and building a solid foundation for future financial success.

Coming up in April


Everyone has experienced some sort of stress in their life, which is perfectly normal and part of the human experience. In small amounts, it can even help us achieve things in our lives, as well as meeting the demands of home, work and family life. But too much stress isnā€™t good, so check out the advice and resources on our page or even book your place on one of our stress-related courses.

Make the most of our resources

Wellbeing Academy

As one of our valued Company Supporters, you can access free training in our Wellbeing Academy. Have you looked at our latest eLearning modules or our Lighthouse Wellbeing Exclusives? Thereā€™s a huge variety of topics to choose from and the academy embraces every style of learning for everyone in our industry.

Company Supporter Hub

We’ve got everything you need to promote and share the message of support in one spot! Resources include past and upcoming campaigns and social media assets along with our charity bio and logos.

Lighthouse Golf Club Events

We have another incredible year of charity golf, networking and fun planned at stunning locations across the UK and Ireland, so we hope you can find the time to join us.

You could also hold your own Lighthouse Charity Golf Event with your customers or supply chain. Our Lighthouse Golf team will organise everything for you, ensuring you can relax and everyone has the best day possible.