Keeping your workplace safe is a top priority

1 April 2024

Keeping your workplace safe is a top priority, and having clear guidelines makes it easier for everyone. That’s why a Health & Safety handbook is a must!

It provides you with a solid foundation to help build a handbook that fits just right for your business, so everybody is aware of all the Health & Safety policies across your organisation and whatā€™s expected of them. But where do you start and what should you include?

Our Associate Partner Citation have done the work for you! They have created a go-to template for creating your own Health & Safety handbook with practical tips and easy-to-follow advice.

What’s Inside?

  • Amendments and table of contents
  • How to write the introduction
  • The three main statements to include
  • Setting out your safety management structure

If youā€™d like to chat about how Citation can help with the HR and Health & Safety side of your business, just fill in their call-back form, and they’ll get right back to you. Remember to quote ā€˜Painting and Decorating Associationā€™ when enquiring to access preferential rates.