Albany is Brewers exclusive, quality brand, that has been established for over 100 years.

Starting with wallpaper, the roots of Albany are firmly focused around quality and innovation for the decorator. In the early days, Clement Brewer would carefully make up his own wallpaper pattern books, selecting the highest quality from a range of different manufacturers.

By the 1920’s, the number of wallpapers chosen to go into his collections had risen to over a hundred and Clement decided it was time to give his collections a name.  Inspired by the high-class Albany mansion flats off Piccadilly, where the interior decoration was said to be of the highest standard, Clement found the perfect name.  Synonymous with quality and style, Albany was established.

Since then, the Albany name has applied to an increasing array of products that Brewers are proud to call their own.  Paints, brushes, rollers, workwear and more have been introduced throughout the years, produced by carefully selected suppliers to ensure the highest quality for our professional customers.

Albany paint offers a huge range of colours to fulfil all manner of projects.  The Albany trade range comprises British Standard, NCS and RAL colours whilst the Albany Design Collection, is a beautiful range of classic and contemporary colours. In addition to the colour cards, the Albany Colourmatch service, allows you to have an Albany product tinted to a bespoke paint recipe.  Simply take a flat sample, bigger than a 50p coin, to your local Brewers Decorator Centre and they will produce the closest possible colour match using a spectrophotometer.

The wallpaper collections, where it all started, continue to grow in popularity with new collections launched annually keeping abreast of trends and fashions.

Albany’s longevity is thanks to its quality in product, ingredients and manufacture.