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Love your decorating trade but fed up with drowning in administrative tasks? AppyQuote is here to turn your dreams into reality with a touch of modern technology. Say goodbye to late-night quotes, tricky customers, and sluggish payers. Let’s make paperwork stress a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on what you do best – painting and decorating.

The Power of AppyQuote at Your Fingertips

AppyQuote is not just an app; it’s your ultimate solution, a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that seamlessly integrates with your life. Whether you’re on-site, in your van, at home, or in the office, our mobile app and web version bring efficiency to your fingertips.

Immediate Access to Powerful Features

  • Quoting System: Instantly create detailed, professional proposals with our user-friendly quoting system.
  • Business Winning Cover Letter: A seasoned copywriter will meticulously craft a bespoke cover letter tailored for your decorating business, ensuring a personalised and impactful communication approach that significantly enhances your chances of winning new business.
  • Automated Emails: Professional emails that convert to sales, automating your follow-up process and increasing conversion rates.

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How AppyQuote Works

Select, Customise, and Streamline

  1. Select Content: Choose from a variety of pre-written specifications and cover letters tailored for decorators.
  2. Designed by Decorators: AppyQuote is designed by successful decorators, tech experts, and copywriters, ensuring it meets the unique needs of your business.
  3. Professional Communication: Match office-standard communication with professionally crafted content designed to impress your customers.
  4. Unique Cover Letters Tailored by a skilled copywriter: our unique company cover letter is designed to instil confidence in prospective customers, creating a distinctive and compelling introduction for your decorating business.
  5. Effortless Material Addition: Quickly add materials to a quote and calculate prices for your projects instantly.
  6. Automated Deposit Documents: Set deposit amounts or percentages, and let AppyQuote automatically send deposit documents to customers.
  7. Time-Saving Replication: Instantly copy and reuse previous quotes or estimates for similar jobs, saving you valuable time.
  8. Automated Follow-Up: AppyQuote automatically follows up with potential clients three times, increasing your chances of converting sales.
  9. Comprehensive Terms and Conditions: Every proposal includes pre-written, comprehensive terms and conditions by professional lawyers, customizable to suit your business.

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Embark on a journey of efficiency, professionalism, and growth with AppyQuote. Try it now, and let administrative tasks be a thing of the past!

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