Fix Radio

Fix Radio, the Builders Station, is the home of entertainment, music and information for UK tradespeople.

Since 2017 the station has been built from the ground-up with tradespeople in mind, providing a mixture of authentic trade voices, up-beat music and a schedule designed around the tradesperson’s day.

The station’s schedule includes some of the biggest talent in the industry, including social media influencers the Bald Builders, Clive Holland of the BBC and formerly Cowboy Trap, the country’s most famous plasterer Chris Frediani from DIY SOS, plumbing influencer Andy Cam, electrician turned YouTuber Thomas Nagy, carpenter, craftsman and social media influencer Robin Clevett and TV presenter and builder, Mark Millar.

Broadcasting nationally on DAB since May 2022, Fix Radio has an average reach of 451,000 tradespeople each week. The Builders Station also boasts 26.9 average weekly listening hours and 3.8 hours average daily listening. Fix Radio’s audience reach and listening hours are audited by Nielsen.

The Painting & Decorating Show on Fix Radio provides tradespeople with vital insight on starting, running and building their own business.

The weekly, hour-long radio show (and podcast) is hosted by Joel Bardall, a working painter and decorator.

Joel provides his honest point of view on the challenges facing the industry, and comes with an encyclopedic knowledge of products and techniques needed by the modern painter and decorator.

He is joined on the show by regular co-host Todd Von Joel, a painter and decorator working in London, and a cast of industry talking heads to debate everything from the use of social media, to hiring staff, the power of branding and making sure you get paid.

 Joel and Todd also speak passionately about stamping out tool theft and improving mental health within the trades.

 If you are interested in posing questions, sharing your experiences or even joining the team in the studio, please reach out here, or keep an eye on our Instagram page.

Catch The Painting & Decorating Show, hosted by Joel Bardall at 3pm every Tuesday, and repeated at 10pm.

The podcast drops at 4pm the same day.



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