LG Harris Ltd – Hamilton

Hamilton has been manufacturing decorating tools since 1746 – becoming the brand that denotes quality, knowledge and expertise.

For over 250 years the Hamilton® name has been synonymous with quality and innovation. Each tool is made using the finest materials and goes through stringent quality control procedures, resulting in excellent standards.

With over 250 years of experience in developing and refining products – and by combining innovation and new technology, Hamilton has created a portfolio of some of the finest brushes, rollers, tools and accessories in the market.

This experience has built a portfolio of well-loved and respected brushes, rollers and accessories – a brand that boasts loyalty from many professional users. All of the products are made using first-class production techniques, including the very latest in testing facilities with a dedicated team of technical experts. The manufacturing processes are reviewed regularly to make continuous improvements on an ongoing basis to ensure top quality products.

The only choice for professional decorators.

Hamilton recognises that paint has changed. This means that tools used need to change along with it, and because they are always asking end-users what they need, their tools will only ever get better.

Their well-loved Perfection, Prestige and Performance ranges offer superb pick-up, coverage and spreading rates from brushes; minimal spatter and even coverage from rollers; and durability from tools and accessories of the highest quality.

Since humble beginnings, Hamilton has worked tirelessly to produce decorating tools that professionals are proud to use. Offering clearly tiered ranges that allow the user to choose the right tool for the right job.

Hamilton. At home in your toolbox.

Take a look at the great range of quality tools and products to match the professional decorator’s quality – Hamilton Brushes.