Pioneer Brush Company Ltd

Pioneer Brush Company Ltd “…the way forward”

Pioneer Brush Company Ltd will be a new name to many decorators and there is a simple reason for this. Although it has been a specialist manufacturer of paintbrushes for many years, until now it has only produced for other, better known, brands and under their names rather than its own. However, with the launch of the “Spirit” and “Spirit Oval” ranges, under the “Pioneer” brand, all this has changed.

Pioneer is a UK invested company operating internationally with a workforce of 100 people and over 65 years experience in brush making, supplying to customers in over 35 different countries across the World. It specialises in producing high-quality professional-grade paintbrushes using both modern techniques and the handcraft brush-making skills that others have left behind to produce brushes of the finest quality that will perform and will last.

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