The International Association of Painting Contractors (UNIEP) represents over 60,000 businesses through its 21 Members and 3 Supporters in 16 European Countries and employs 280,000 Professional Painters. Since 1953, UNIEP has been the authoritative trade association representing Professional Painters. Across the European Union, UNIEP represents and defends the interests of the Painting sector, and it works on the image of the profession through the improvement of skills and competences in order to ensure a qualified future for Painters and Decorators.

Our mission

– To promote the knowledge and the importance of the innovation within the Painting/Decorating branch of the Construction sector in Europe
– To analyse threats and opportunities in the profession, finding common solutions through the exchange of experiences and best practices
– To meet the needs of the businesses and the decorative coating market carrying on European projects
– To improve professional training of teachers/tutors and education for young painters

Uniep is Member of SMEunited, the European Social Partner for SMEs and of the Construction 2050 Alliance.

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Skills Academy

The aim of the PaintingSkillsAcademy (PSA) is to implement vocational training for the European painting trade, based on the challenges and requirements of the European market.

The central challenges that the painter’s craft, representing many areas of European craft, have to face on a daily basis and whose solutions the project consortium is working on are, in particular:

  • Vocational training must become more attractive for young people so that more young people can be won over to the craft.
  • Inadequate knowledge, skills and competencies inevitably lead to poor order processing and economic damage.
  • Vocational training in the European context is poorly developed, although quality and / or flawless execution are important in all countries.

InPaint (inpaint-platform.eu)

The In Paint Platform is the first European Open Access Portal entirely dedicated to the Painting and Decorating Sector. This collaborative and interactive concept aims at gathering all the existing and useful tools and resources for the Painting and Decorating Stakeholders, directly involving the users to share knowledge, training, innovation and skills, in an evolving process for creating best practices and fostering inspiration. A Platform created by the trade for the trade!


The European Painting Partners is the privilege platform for UNIEP’ companies member and their manufacturers partners.


  • To enlarge the membership to businesses and manufacturers in the Painting sector
  • To strengthen relationship with the Education and VET systems
  • To provide quality in the education and training
  • To encourage innovative and sustainable practices
  • To improve the image of the profession
  • To promote the recruitment of young and qualified people in the sector

The European Painting Partners network operates for :

  • Managing the In Paint Observatory Platform
  • Introducing and constantly updating learning tools and material
  • Keeping up-to-date quality standards in the Painter/Decorator profession
  • Promoting the mobility methodology in Europe
  • Organising European Apprentices Camps
  • Fostering mobility of tutors, entrepreneurs and apprentices


UPSPaint project has born from the main challenges of the Painting/Decorating sector that UNIEP has identified in the lack of young people entering the profession, of quality in education/training and of knowledge of market innovation by contractors and training institutes. The necessity is therefore to improve the image of the sector for young people but at the same time also for adults. The main needs the project is trying to face can be sum up in few principal aspects:

  • Need to update skills and competences taking into consideration new techniquesenvironmentally friendly and safe products
  • Necessity in the requalification of adults
  • Validation of formal and informal learning giving value to the life experiences and what people have learnt

UPSPaint project’s objective is the recognition of prior learning of adultsmigrants and refugees coming from all sector, to give to the painting trade the people with the right competences to fulfil the labour market needs.

The goal is to develop a structured validation system, including methodology, processes, tools, guidelines to trainers to be tested with professionals working in the field.


DIGI-Paint is the latest successful European Project submitted by UNIEP to the Erasmus Agency of Luxembourg, ANEFORE. The focus of this project will be:

  • Building capacity to implement online, blended and distance teaching and learning ;
  • Developing digital pedagogical competences of educators, enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education ;
  • Creating high quality digital content such as innovative online resources and tools.

The project main objective is to create digital tailor-made solutions adapted to the painting decorator educators to give them the resources and tools to overcome the current digital challenge. Teachers, Trainers and Tutors in company will be the target group as they are key elements in the learning process. During the pandemic they were a target group with a strong need of adaptation into the digital.