Theatres, hotels, leisure centres and shopping malls are among some of the projects PDA Members have recently been recognised for within the industry.


If your business relies on inviting members of the public into your premises, a good first impression can be vital.

A major renovation, restoration or refresh can be a disaster in the wrong hands – there are clear benefits to taking a trusted route when it comes to the final finish for a commercial project.

Members of the PDA, from sole traders to nationwide contractors, have to measure up to the exacting membership requirements of the Association and as such, offer security, safety and sustainability.

As well as adhering to the Code of Practice, holding the correct insurances and having industry qualifications or at least five years’ experience, many PDA Members have additional expertise and skills, from highly decorative work to the application of specialist coatings.

The appointment of a quality contractor also makes both financial sense and supports sustainability. The longevity offered by a professional using correctly specified products will far outlive poor application from a less qualified source.

Members of the PDA will provide a precise specification for each job and are required to clearly explain any additional work which may become necessary during the course of the contract.

Members will not expect full payment before the work is undertaken, although a deposit may be required. Staged or interim payments for larger contracts will be agreed in advance.

Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

Occasionally things can go wrong on a job. If you have an issue with a PDA Member, an independent inspection and mediation can be provided free of charge by the Association if required.

To speak to a member of our team about a problem, please contact us at Head Office.

All enquiries will be treated with confidence until agreed otherwise.

Please see our Code of Practice below:

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