Welcome to the Premier Trophy
Awards 2019

The PDA Premier Trophy Awards began in late 1987 when a group of professionals and suppliers from the construction industry convened at the Building Employers Confederation headquarters in London to consider how to improve press coverage of the sector.

As a result of this meeting, the National Federation of Painting and Decorating Contractors (NFPDC) implemented a competition with the appointment of the Clerk of Works Incorporation Council (ICW) as independent inspectors.

It was decided that the objective of the Premier Trophy Awards should be: demonstrate the diversity of skill and craft, show efficiency of service to clients, develop the highest standards of excellence for the industry.

The competition is now on its 31st year and still holds true to these objectives.


And the Winners Are...

2019 Apprentice/Trainee Awards Competition

Northern Heat


Accrington and Rossendale College - Friday, 3rd May 2019

Accrington and Rossendale College have provided further education in the East Lancashire area for over 60 years. More recently they have invested £20 million to build a 21st Century Campus. The P&D department reflects this provision. There is a professional workshop facility for trainee decorators and apprentices. The workshop provision offers practical skill opportunities where basic and complex decorating challenges can be practised and accomplished by the learners.

14 PDA competitors attended this Northern Heat. They came from companies and colleges located in the Midlands region, the North West, North East, Northern England and Scotland. Of the 14 participants, nine were male (64%) and five were female (36%).

The management and pre-preparation for the competition and organization on the competition day was ably and competently carried out by Simon Whittaker and his responsive support team. His efforts and that of his colleagues ensured the Northern Heat was a success.

Southern Heat


Bournemouth and Poole College - Friday, 10th May 2019

The ambition of Bournemouth and Poole College is to be recognised for excellence and responsive to the needs of employers and local communities. It is a largest FE and apprenticeship provider in the area
focusing on developing work skills and preparing learners to progress within their chosen career. This positive strategy can be identified in the College’s Painting and Decorating facility. Clean, bright, and safe
workshop provision is available to FE learners and apprentices.

17 competitors attended this session travelling from across the breadth of Southern England, the South Coast and Wales. Of the 17 participants 12 were male (70.6 %) and five were female (29.4 %).

The Bournemouth and Poole Painting and Decorating team are managed by Scott Oliver who ensured that the pre-preparation for the competition has been exemplary and that the management of the competition day ensured progress in a professional manner.

In addition to his practical management tasks relating to Centre management, Scott has been the creative force behind the design of this year’s scheme. His choice of design, colour scheme and inclusion of stencil work offered realistic challenges to the participants.

In both heats competitors worked towards completion of the same scheme. Session one participants were briefed not to discuss their attempts via any social media sites, so ensuring Session two participants did not commence their heat with a “knowing” advantage.

Competitors in both heats received a clear, clean and safe 4m2 workstation. Both centres provided a pre-prepared 1.2 meter wide by 2.0 meter high wall panel. The competitors then developed their competition efforts on an existing vinyl matt emulsion base that was ground out in an intense and striking orange hue. Tools and working equipment were part of the competitor’s essential items and brought to the competition, notably, in professional tool boxes.

The specified vinyl matt emulsion paint colours were supplied by Dulux from their Diamond Matt product range. The paint brush range was supplied by Purdy from their Monarch range.

After receiving their smart PDA t-shirts the competitors received an initial “toolbox” talk. This introduced them to the incremental stages involved in the task and advised them of the ongoing development procedures. It also ensured they had a full understanding of the required outcomes and reduced initial start-up worries. Also, an opportunity to ask general and relevant questions was offered though no detailed advice or recommendations were given to any participant after the start of work at 9.30am. The duration of the competition was six hours with a 30 minute lunch break and a set finish time of 4.00pm.

In addition to the initial “toolbox” talk competitors were provided with scheme details in the form of an A4 line drawing along with additional competitor information and working tips. The working drawings were essential to the competitors’ requirement to accurately set out the framework of the scheme on the working panel. This process of using line drawings to interpret measurement and transfer it from plan to reality was an integral part of the mark scheme demanding accurate numeracy skills.

Judging skill ability relating to the task focused on the following classifications:
• Accurate measurement and setting out
• Sharpness and precision of cutting-in skills
• Managing colour opacity
• Stencil cutting and stencil application
• Management and cleanliness of the work area
• Visual appearance of the completed task

The judging process was thorough and demanding. Competitors in both sessions demonstrated consistently high skill levels though not all were able to complete the work within the given time frame. Nevertheless, work that was completed by each individual was commendable and reflected individual effort to seek and achieve the best possible result.

However, no matter how committed and competitive the participants may be they would not have been able to demonstrate their skills without support from a range of individuals and organisations.

As a co-judge it is incumbent on me to thank the support people and organisations that assisted with this successful event.

Thank you to the:
• Local and national companies who recognised the abilities of their apprentices and encouraged their entry in this competition.
• FE Colleges who succeed in providing skills to young people interested in P&D employment and for recognising their ability to compete.
• Two FE Colleges and their P&D teams who managed the competition and the activities so well.
• PDA CEO Neil Ogilvie and his team for dependably organising such a prestigious and superbly organised event.

As an invited co-judge from the Association of Painting Craft Teachers I wish to thank the PDA for their consistency in inviting a representative from our Organisation to assist with the judging of the Awards Competition.

As our Association, the APCT, approaches its 100 year centenary and as the PDA celebrate their 125th anniversary both organisations have a duty to showcase this competitive event. It should be an exemplar to demonstrate that our young talent can maintain a skill base that is sustainable and one that will promote the best commercial practices to enhance our industries’ future prosperity.

Thank you, also, to the trade and construction relevant sponsors for their involvement.

Financial support was greatly received for these competitions. The Association is indebted to the continual support and successful working relationship with CITB. Over the past few years, the partnership between both organisations has improved considerably to help promote and assist the growth of our sector. As promoters of training standards and managers of skills in the Construction Industry, CITB endorsed this competition.

All competitors received a presentation pack of quality Purdy Monarch Elite and Pro-extra paint brushes from this manufacturer as recognition of their participation and contribution to this event. We thank our longstanding partner for their continued commitment to the competition. 

All paint materials used in this event were kindly supplied by our main sponsor this year, Akzo Nobel Dulux from their Diamond Matt Trade range. Competitors also received a presentation “goody bag” in appreciation of their individual efforts. PDA thanks you for the support.

Finally, a thank you must go to all the competitors. Congratulations to all participants, no one should be disappointed with their commitment and effort.

Three competitors have achieved successful outcomes. They demonstrated skill levels that exceeded those of their fellow participants:

1st Lewis Boyle – Alfred Bagnall & Sons Ltd/Leeds College of Building

2nd Abi Johnson – Bradford Council/Leeds College of Building

3rd Megan Talbot – Oliver Gladwin/Accrington & Rossendale College

1st: Lewis Boyle


2nd: Abi Johnson


3rd: Megan Talbot



 Winner - UK Decs Ltd




PROJECT: Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
CLIENT: GF Holding Ltd
MANUFACTURER: Dulux Trade, Gold Leaf Supplies

Judges Notes:

This project was growing and evolving as the work progressed and the contractor had to contend with all the usual array of other trades at the same time.

The finish to the whole of the works from the dormer ceiling to the gilt work is impeccable. 

The finished work is a credit to the profession and the contractor should be very proud of the project.

It was a pleasure to have done the site visit - well done.

Very Highly Commended - Ian Williams Ltd


COMPANY: Ian Williams Ltd
PROJECT: Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth
CLIENT: Millennium Hotels

Judges Notes:

The work on this central hotel was conducted in two phases; phase one was to the main entrance area and reception desk and then phase two was to the restaurant and bar area.

The works have been carried out to a very high standard.

Excellent project management from the site foreman who communicated with the hotel manager every day on the work schedule.

Due recognition to the onsite team for the high quality of the finished work and the control of the contract – well done.

Highly Commended - Alfred Bagnall & Sons (South Wales) Ltd



COMPANY Alfred Bagnall & Sons (South Wales) Ltd
PROJECT Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay 
CLIENT Schroders Real Estate

Judges Notes:

The external decoration of Mermaid Quay, an area of shops and restaurants in the old dock area of Cardiff, required the contractor to work around the public (who had access to the area at all times) and the tenants in various commercial units - this meant out of normal hours working.

A very pleasing job with bold lettering highlighting the names on the various building frontages.

The redecoration has brightened up the area to the approval ofthe client.

Highly Commended - Alliance Painting Ltd



COMPANY Alliance Painting Ltd
PROJECT Intu, Victoria Centre, Nottingham 
CLIENT Makers Construction Ltd/Intu

Judges Notes:

This project involved the decoration of this extensive car park that is mainly underground and was in a rather tired state.

The walls, ceiling, and columns required a lot of preparation especially the metal ducting.

The banding to the columns lined up extremely well and all of the pipework was repainted.

This dull, dreary concrete car park has been transformed into a bright airy space.

Commended - Ian Williams Ltd



COMPANY Ian Williams Ltd
PROJECT Tidworth Leisure Centre, Wiltshire
CLIENT Aspire Defence Services Ltd
MANUFACTURER Crown Paints, Dulux Trade

Judges Notes:

This leisure centre was in need of an update to the decoration and work included some repairs to the tiling around the pool.

The building was in partial operation most of the time the work was being carried out. Consultation with the client was required at all times and fire escapes had to be kept operational.

The finish was clean and bright and the client was very happy with the completed works.


Winner - Jack Tighe




COMPANY Jack Tighe 
PROJECT Ameg Phase 4, British Steel, Scunthorpe
CLIENT British Steel

Judges Notes:

The contractor worked well with the client/engineer on site to enable this job to be completed ahead of time. Although British Steel has a very strict H&S culture, the contractor worked well with all departments including security, health & safety, local authority, and fire services both on-site and including the County Brigade Fire Service. The contractor is due to start another phase of this pipeline - repairs and decoration.

A complex job, requiring specialist skills and knowledge and British Steel has full confidence with their performance and ability to complete works on time.

Very Highly Commended - Alliance Painting Ltd



COMPANY Alliance Painting Ltd
PROJECT DHL East Midlands Airport

Judges Notes:

The loading area of this large industrial building was being updated to take new machinery and required the roof steelwork to be repainted.

This project required major co-ordination with tight security requirements. All the work was carried out at a high level with scissor lifts, spiders and MEPWs.

There were very tight H&S requirements as it was a working area for the airport.

The client was extremely happy with the finished job that had been well executed. Well done nice job.

Highly Commended - Rushworth Painting Ltd



COMPANY Rushworth Painting Ltd
PROJECT Icon Twin Launch Rollercoaster, Blackpool
CLIENT Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Judges Notes:

This project involved the new sixteen million pound Twin Launch Rollercoaster, with 1.1 kilometres of track. Following extensive damage in transit from Germany where it was manufactured the track was totally repainted.

The contractor also decorated the public waiting area and loading area, which has a large timber feature ceiling and timber external rain screen detailing. The painting to the ride's carriages and graphics nose cone were done to the design of the Ride Designer and are very well finished.

This is a unique project and the areas of works carried out were first-rate.

Highly Commended - Ian Williams Ltd



COMPANY Ian Williams Ltd
PROJECT External Decoration, Opal Villas, Plymouth
CLIENT Concrete Repairs Ltd

Judges Notes:

The work on concrete repairs was done first on this project which meant the painting work was carried out in the autumn and winter months.

Despite this, the finished work is of a very high standard and completed to the programme schedule.

The site supervisor should be congratulated for his enthusiasm and passion for achieving the finished job.

Commended - Story Decorating Group



COMPANY Story Decorating Group
PROJECT Carlisle Lake District Airport, Carlisle
CLIENT Stobart Rail Ltd
MANUFACTURER Johnstone's Trade

Judges Notes:

The work on this project was carried out on a two storey building, which has an open plan ground floor with a waiting and reception area and a first floor with open plan offices.

Work also included the Control Tower.

A good finish was achieved on the work involved in this completed project.


Winner - Ian Williams Ltd




COMPANY Ian Williams Ltd
PROJECT Grand Lodge, Freemasons Hall, Bristol
CLIENT Freemasons of Bristol Ltd
MANUFACTURER Johnstone's Trade

Judges Notes:

Internal decoration of two public rooms and main staircase in a Freemasons lodge was undertaken. The four storey high staircase required scaffolding but with limited access from the street, this proved a major challenge to overcome. Due to public access to the building, the rooms were handed to the contractor for a short period with electrical work upgrading and decoration to be completed in this period. The end result is an extremely clean looking project with a lot of care and skill shown in the finish. The ceiling and cornice have areas picked out in gold paint and in other areas, gold leaf was incorporated in the finish to the stairwell. This job is well commended as it was completed in a very tight timescale and the client was very happy with the end result.

Very Highly Commended - Triton Building Restoration Ltd



COMPANY Triton Building Restoration Ltd
PROJECT Christie's Auction House, London
CLIENT Christie's Ltd

Judges Notes:

The project required external redecoration to this city block of offices with various facades, featuring brick and stone render.

The work involved cleaning the stonework and repainting all the metalwork, woodwork and previously painted masonry.

The inner courtyard/light-wells needed a scaffold, cradles, and rope-work due to the complexity of the building.

Roof repairs were also carried out using liquid plastic products.

Although a very difficult job to access, the finish is excellent and the whole repaint has brightened up the building.

Highly Commended - Campbell Smith & Company Ltd



COMPANY Campbell Smith & Company Ltd
PROJECT Chelsea Old Town Hall, Chelsea, London
CLIENT The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Judges Notes:

The project comprised a redecoration of the vestry and small hall in this historic building which had not been painted since the seventies.

These rooms in this 19th century building have been brought back to a bright and very presentable look.

The work included French polishing, conservation cleaning, gold leaf, faux marble repairs, paperhanging to wall panels and applying specialist conservation paint.

A very good job and well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Highly Commended - Collins Contractors Ltd



COMPANY Collins Contractors Ltd
PROJECT Ivory House, St Katherine Docks, London
CLIENT GVA Birmingham
MANUFACTURER International Paints

Judges Notes:

The work comprised internal decoration of the public areas and external decoration of the shop fronts of this historic warehouse.

Asbestos was discovered to some of the soffits in the public areas that had to be encapsulated prior to painting.

The internal public areas were decorated to a very good standard.

Fire protection with intumescent coatings was required to the steelwork in the lobby. Shop fronts were cleaned, prepared, polished and sealed.

A very good looking job that the contractor can be proud of.

Commended - Campbell Smith & Company Ltd



COMPANY Campbell Smith & Company Ltd
PROJECT Knole Hall & Minstrels Gallery, National Trust, Kent
CLIENT The National Trust 
MANUFACTURER Rose of Jericho

Judges Notes:

Previous phase entries for this conservation and redecoration project have received high praise and a glowing report and this one did not disappoint. The attention to detail in every aspect from inception to completion shone through.

Well done to all involved, as this is an excellent job and everyone should be very proud of their achievement.

Small Contractor

Winner - Neil Bailey Decorating




COMPANY Neil Bailey Decorating
PROJECT Wheatley Bridge Farm Renovation, Oxfordshire 
CLIENT Sarah & Simon Alden

Judges Notes:

The remit was to return this farmhouse, in the family since 1922, to its traditional glory with strong colours and vibrant wallcoverings. It needed complete decorative renovation, stripping layers of wallpaper to reveal lime plaster walls and ceilings. Structural beams, uncovered beneath 1970’s cladding, were stripped, sanded and oiled with Danish oil. The walls and ceilings were in very bad condition and needed extensive filling, sanding and covering with lining paper to preserve the breathable fabric of the building. The woodwork detailing, ‘lost' under years of paint build up, needed sanding back and massive amounts of two pack wood filler to restore its fantastic detailing. The original stair handrail was French polished to restore it to its former glory. The finish shows the outstanding workmanship and attention to detail of the contractor - well done.

Very Highly Commended - D Cass & Son



COMPANY D Cass & Son
PROJECT Private Dwelling, North London
CLIENT Robert Vaughan
MANUFACTURER Dulux Trade, Farrow & Ball

Judges Notes:

The dwelling is part of Hampstead Garden Suburb and required complete internal redecoration.

Extensive work was required in the preparation of the lath and plaster walls and ceilings. Cleaning was also required to the brick fireplaces and leadwork repairing in the windows. All areas were lined and lots of preparation was done on the woodwork.

Oil and water-based paints were used in the work applied via brush, roller and spray. Wallpapering was carried out with panels and some graining work. The contractor assisted with the design.

A very good looking job that the contractor can be proud of – well done.

Highly Commended - Chris Green and Sons



COMPANY Chris Green and Sons 
PROJECT Victorian Flat, Harrogate
CLIENT Chris McComb 
MANUFACTURER Johnstone's Trade

Judges Notes:

This contractor had been involved from the outset of the job including co-ordinating other trades including carpet fitters, joiners, plasterers, window fixers, as required. The client sought this contractor through the PDA website and after the first two meetings trusted all the works to be project managed by the decorating company. The clients were not on site and trusted the contractor with managing the work and just made visits to check on progress during the works. The client stated they would certainly use this contractor in all their future projects.

The preparation of the surfaces was to the highest standard. No lining paper was used and there were large areas of plaster patching carried out.

The finish is a fine example of excellent workmanship when pride, time, care and budget is available.

Highly Commended - Fine Lines Decorating Ltd



COMPANY Fine Lines Decorating Ltd
PROJECT Belgrave House, Lytham St Annes
CLIENT Barry Yrunf
MANUFACTURER Johnstone's Trade

Judges Notes:

This project involved a very large seafront detached house which is exposed to the elements.

The contractor carried out repairs and decoration to windows and render work.

Scaffolding to all elevations was required to carry out the works, with a gable end being very close to the adjoining side street and a large glazed sunroom located in the rear internal corner of the house.

High level of protection was carried on the street elevation to protect people and cars from the paint system used.

A clean, neat, sharp, job which is still looking well after a winter in the environment.

Commended - Stuart Yates Decor



COMPANY Stuart Yates Decor
PROJECT Private Dwelling, Dronfield, Derbyshire
CLIENT Irene and Eric

Judges Notes:

A good working relationship between the client and the contractor and full trust was given to the contractor.

The client greatly praised the contractor as he has carried out numerous decoration projects for this customer.

The client and contractor work closely to establish the finish they require and it is delivered to a very high level.

New Build

Winner - Ambrose Ellis Painting Contractors Ltd




COMPANY Ambrose Ellis Painting Contractors Ltd
PROJECT The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
CLIENT The Christie

Judges Notes:

This state-of- the-art hi-tech building was decorated to a very high standard. The decorating company has worked for many years with the main contractor and the project was well managed which allowed areas to be decorated in advance of the large scale M&E installation.

Both the contractor and sub-contractor emphasized the trust between them allowed for the long-term programme to be delivered on time.

Very Highly Commended - Whiterock Decorators Ltd



COMPANY Whiterock Decorators Ltd
PROJECT Watkin Jones, Cardiff
CLIENT Watkin Jones

Judges Notes:

This project consisted of the internal decoration of a new 21 storey student accommodation block in the centre of Cardiff.

The location caused logistics problems with the delivery of material for all trades concerned.

The painting of walls, ceilings and woodwork commenced with the ground floor and worked up the building as the upper floors were being constructed. Papering and stencilling were applied in the public/common areas.

A very clean and neat project well presented.

Very Highly Commended - Ambrose Ellis Painting Contractors Ltd



COMPANY Ambrose Ellis Painting Contractors Ltd
PROJECT Bupa HQ, Salford Quays, Salford
CLIENT Morgan Sindall Construction

Judges Notes:

This BUPA head office was designed and built by Morgan Sindall to a high standard of internal design and decoration.

The contractor has delivered a very well executed project.

A well-finished decoration and from what could be seen and this was done to a very high standard.

Good marks across all areas.

Highly Commended - Story Decorating Group Ltd



COMPANY Story Decorating Group Ltd
PROJECT Data Technology Institute, University of Edinburgh
CLIENT University of Edinburgh
MANUFACTURER Johnstone's Trade

Judges Notes:

This new build high-tech structure leads to a warm and welcoming space in which to teach and to learn.

There are a lot of bare concrete walls that had a sealer coat applied to give the look that the architect required. The plastered walls had a good finish with a wipeable paint system. The solid steel balustrades, treads and risers had also been decorated to a quality finish.

The contractor also had the difficulty of working from a spider type cherry picker to four floors high which had been managed very well.

Commended - Story Decorating Group Ltd



COMPANY Story Decorating Group Ltd
PROJECT Hampton by Hilton, Edinburgh
CLIENT Watkin Jones

Judges Notes:

On this project the application of emulsion to the walls and decoration and fill of the woodwork was carried out by the contractor to a good standard.

As this was a new build project there was minimal fill and preparation carried out as this had already been done by a different subcontractor.

A nicely finished job on a new build construction.


Winner - Cousins Group




COMPANY Cousins Group
PROJECT Signature, Reigate, Surrey
CLIENT Signature Senior Living

Judges Notes:

The project was a fit out from a shell which was running late and therefore the paint contract schedule was very tight.

The paint contract manager did an excellent job managing the job and she should receive credit for her effort.

The care home client was very happy with the standard of the work.

Observation of the finished work confirmed that it was to a superior finish on the walls, wallcoverings and wood finishes.

An excellent finish and the project got well deserved high marks across the board.

Very Highly Commended - Mitie Property Services UK Ltd



COMPANY Mitie Property Services UK Ltd
PROJECT Glenbuck Court & Studios, Surbiton
CLIENT Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Judges Notes:

This 1930’s block of flats front elevation, stairwells, balconies, and walkways were in a poor condition. Extensive repairs to the external metalwork were required and internally the stairwells had to be replastered.

Once the replastering was complete the stairwells were repainted to produce a light and airy finish, all to a class 'O' fire standard.

Externally the look of the block of flats is really good and the redecoration has transformed the appearance of the building.

The work is a credit to the contractor.

Highly Commended - A C Beck & Son (Contracts) Ltd



COMPANY A C Beck & Son (Contracts) Ltd
PROJECT Abbeyfield, Guildford
CLIENT Bannermont Management

Judges Notes:

This 1900’s house converted into twelve apartments required the front elevation repairing and repainting.

Extensive rot was discovered on close inspection which required repairs to the external woodwork, render and stucco on wooden laths.

Cornice repairs were moulded in to match the existing.

The final finish is a very impressive front elevation on approaching the building.

Full marks to the contractor on an excellent job.

Highly Commended - Ian Williams Ltd



COMPANY Ian Williams Ltd
PROJECT The Old Library, Warwickshire
CLIENT Pennycuick Collins Chartered Surveyors

Judges Notes:

A grade 2 listed library which has been converted into apartments with an internal courtyard, upgraded to a modern feel.

All the external woodwork required redecoration including the feature bell towers which were difficult to access.

The contractor can be very proud of this job which is finished to a very high standard.

Commended - Bell Decorating Group



COMPANY Bell Decorating Group
PROJECT Plymouth Community Homes, Plymouth
CLIENT Plymouth Community Homes
MANUFACTURER Johnstone's Trade

Judges Notes:

The contractor undertook the full refurbishment of this block of flats and also oversaw the safe removal of an asbestos shed roof.

The programme of work came in ahead of the schedule and to budget.

The client was very happy with the work carried out and the liaison with the contractor.

A job well executed to a very high standard.


Winner - Contractor: UK Decs Ltd






COMPANY Contractor: UK Decs Ltd

Judges Notes:

This company has been a member of the PDA since 2014. They have twice before been awarded Very Highly Commended places in the competition. Their workmanship is to the highest standard. This year’s project has impressed the judges who, on speaking to
the clients, found they held them in very high regard.

A well deserved award to a company that over the last five years has been successful through the high standards and quality of workmanship plus compliance to Health and Safety regulations. Good client service was an aspect that has contributed to success.

A credit to the industry.

Mayflower_Theatre_Picture_3_copy_copy.jpg Mayflower_Theatre_Picture_5_copy.jpg Mayflower_Theatre_Picture_6_copy.jpg

Former Special Award for Excellence Winners



2005 Alfred Bagnall & Sons (Midlands) Ltd
2006 Fisher Decorations Ltd
2007 Ian Williams Ltd
2008 J S Seddon (Painting) Ltd
2009 Roy Hankinson Ltd
2010 Campbell Smith & Co Ltd
2011 Thomas Welch & Sons
2012 CLC Contractors Ltd
2013 Tom Greening
2014 Rushworth Painting Contractors North West Ltd
2015 MITIE Property Services (UK) Ltd
2016 Bernard Watson (Inc. J. Corbishley & Sons Ltd)
2017 Campbell Smith & Co Ltd
2018 Stuart Yates Decor

Highly Decorative

Winner - Axis Europe Plc




COMPANY Axis Europe Plc 
PROJECT Painter-Stainers' Hall, London
CLIENT Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers 

Judges Notes:

The work comprised the internal redecoration of the main function hall. It was fully refurbished with not only the decoration but also the lighting and blinds to the windows. The programme was six weeks and had to be completed due to functions already in the diary. The walls and ceiling were lined prior to the painting. There was gilding, French polishing and gold leaf was extensively used as well as all the painting.

The shields that were re-gilded were a fine example of the craft. A great finish to the work to produce a very bright environment for hosting functions.

Very Highly Commended - Cousins Ltd



COMPANY Cousins Ltd
PROJECT L'Oscar Hotel, Holborn, London
CLIENT L'Oscar Hotels

Judges Notes:

This 39 bedroom hotel, converted from an old chapel, took several years to complete due to the extremely high standard expected.

The contractor had to work alongside many specialist craftsman and artists from around the world.

There was a substantial budget to cover the completed building including all the alterations, decorations, and furnishing.

The standard of work and the completed finish really need to be seen to be appreciated. Such a high-class job is rarely seen.

Highly Commended - Campbell Smith & CoLtd



COMPANY Campbell Smith & Co Ltd
PROJECT Fishmongers' Banqueting Hall, London Bridge
CLIENT Fishmongers' Hall
MANUFACTURER Paper & Paints, Gold Leaf Supplies, Wrights of Lymm

Judges Notes:

The banqueting hall of this livery company was in need of redecoration as it was looking old and tired. In the past the wrong materials were used which was causing flaking, therefore the whole ceiling had to be stripped back. A complete strip back was required prior to gilding, re-painting, French polishing, graining, and gold leaf.

Whilst the stripping was taking place stenciling was discovered under the layers of paint, this had to be recorded and re-sealed as a legacy for the future.

The finished job was a show of extremely high-quality craftsmanship – excellent work.

Highly Commended - Campbell Smith & Co Ltd



COMPANY Campbell Smith & Co Ltd
PROJECT Worcester College Dining Hall, Oxford University
CLIENT Worcester College
MANUFACTURER Little Greene & Rose of Jericho

Judges Notes:

This magnificent dining hall required brightening up after many years of use and was last decorated in 1966.

The impressive neoclassical hall really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Some of the materials used were distemper, gold leaf and Rose of Jericho Paint.

All the work was to a very high standard and it has already won an award from the Oxford Preservation Trust – a wonderful job.

Commended - Campbell Smith & Co Ltd



COMPANY Campbell Smith & Co Ltd 
PROJECT Cutty Sark, Greenwich, London
CLIENT National Maritime Museum
MANUFACTURER Gold Leaf Supplies

Judges Notes:

This was an unusual project involving the restoration of features to the front and rear of the ship.

Stripping and repairing prior to the decorative applications found some of the mouldings and shields in a very poor state that required, in some instances, a complete recarving out of new wood.

A lot of research was carried out prior to any work starting to get the colours correct. The ship was open to the public whilst the work was carried out so observation of health and safety were very important.

Gold leaf work was done to a very high standard. A very nice looking job.



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