You know that the key to a great finish is the best foundation – and Crown Trade is on hand with a range of quality products to give you the best primer for the job.

For more than 200 years we’ve recognised that what lies beneath a professional paint job is essential to achieving a great finish overall that will stand the test of time.

We’ve used all our expertise over the years to produce top flight primers and preparatory products that you can rely on for the very best outcome, whatever the environment and substrate.

Nikki Cosgrove, Crown Trade Brand Manager, said: “As every professional decorator knows, preparation is the key to a great finish.

“We’ve invested extensively in research and development to ensure our primers and preparatory products offer exceptional performance for the decorating industry and meet their exact needs both out on site and in the home.

“There’s a wide range of products available, from day-to-day essentials through to specialist flame retardant systems, which all provide a sound and solid foundation for decorative finishes.”

Key products in the Crown Trade range include the renowned P.S.B Stain Block Primer, which has recently undergone further improvements to its formulation to ensure excellent opacity to cover and seal even the most challenging problem areas.

The ideal choice if you are looking for powerful coverage, this high performance water based primer locks stains into the paint film and can be relied on to block-out stains including nicotine damage, water stains and even graffiti.

Ideal for interior and exterior broadwall areas, just two coats of Crown Trade P.S.B Stain Block Primer will lock in stains and provide the perfect canvas to follow on with decorative finishes.

For challenging substrates, Crown Trade Grip Extreme Primer really takes hold in both interior and exterior areas.

Offering outstanding adhesion this is the primer to use on surfaces such as glass, tiles, melamine, and previously painted surfaces, as well as most wood and non-ferrous metals.

Its rapid drying properties enable it to be recoated in only one hour – enabling you to complete the job in just one day.

Finally, for an all-round problem-solving primer, Crown Trade’s Alkali Resisting Sealer comes into its own.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors to prime, seal and stabilise new, dry alkaline surfaces such as new lime plaster, cement and concrete.

The formulation also provides a solid footing to seal stains and stabilise powdery and chalky surfaces.

These products are available in 5L packs for the professional market or smaller pack sizes as handy go to packs for the smaller decorator.

These core primers are also supported by further specialist products in the range including Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Primer Undercoat, developed to work in partnership with Crown Trade’s pioneering new Fastflow Quick Dry gloss system.

To help you make the right choice and understand more about the products a good area of reference is the Crown Trade website’s primers and preparation area at

If you’d like to find out more, as well as the Crown Trade website, you can also contact the Crown Trade Customer Relations Team by calling 0330 0240297 or emailing