Available exclusively in Johnstone’s Trade paints, the highly anticipated Voice of Colour, 2019 Colour of the Year, Night Watch (PPG1145-7) has been announced. A rich, classic green, Night Watch underpins four bespoke design stories which have been formulated especially for 2019 to provide decorators and their customers with a comprehensive guide to colour trends. 

Defining Colour of the Year

COTY_2019_Image2.jpgEvery year, a Global Colour Team from PPG meets to discuss and develop future colour and design trends. These colour stylists represent different markets from across the world, and from their collective knowledge of global trends, a Colour of the Year is selected.

Positioned at the forefront of design trends for the year ahead, Night Watch evokes lush greenery which emulates the healing power of nature. This sense of bringing the outside in, was a theme which continuously resurfaced during the annual Global Colour Meeting.

Donna Taylor, Principle Colour Consultant for Voice of Colour and Johnstone’s Trade said: ‘The appeal of Night Watch is how the shade invokes our deep connection to nature, as well as being such a classic, timeless green. The hue is a really versatile shade, suitable for a variety of spaces – both interior and exterior.

‘The colour could be incorporated into interior design as a feature wall in a bedroom or dining room; it also pairs well with gold or brass accents. It can be especially impactful in places without any outdoor views, such as the end of a hallway with no windows. For exteriors, Night Watch is a gorgeous alternative to the trending black or deep blue, and it works well on doors and shutters too.’

Introducing the 2019 colour trends

While Night Watch is the colour selected to spearhead the 2019 trends guide, it is just one of 2000 colours in the Voice of Colour palette. The palette provides direction and design inspiration for decorators and their customers alike. The colours are brought to life through four individual design stories that make up the 2019 trends guide:

With It

This colour collection resonates with customers that are youthful in spirit: playful, artistic, creative and energetic. The palette incorporates vibrant, lively hues like High Note, a cheery red; Burning Gold, a bold yellow; and Water Fight, a playful blue.


With Class

Focused on old-school elegance, this palette offers saturated darks that convey contemporary, yet worldly tones. Elegant gem tones, like Wave of Mystery and Chilled Wine, feature in this palette, alongside softer tones like Handful of Dust, a warm brown, and Cinnamon Diamonds, a beautiful red.


With Out

This theme represents the desire for simplicity and emphasises an interest in minimalism and connectedness to the outdoors. The colour collection boasts a number of nature-inspired greens like Midnight Glade and Antique Slate, as well as organic colours like Cocoa Delight and Cool Concrete.


With Spirit

This colour collection addresses the rise of spiritual customers who seek to infuse their interest in meditation and mindfulness into their environment. Intense hues, like the bluish Imperial Purple, pair well with colours like Violet Dream that serve as softer, romantic accents.


COTY_2019_Image1.jpgPart of a suite of tools which help painters and decorators, and their customers, make informed colour decisions, the Johnstone’s Trade colour card incorporating the Voice of Colour 2019 themes will be available in the New Year. Used alongside the Johnstone’s Trade ColourBox tool (a digital room visualizer) and colour cards, the Voice of Colour palette provides a comprehensive guide to colour choice. If a customer lacks confidence in the look they want to create, Johnstone’s Trade offers a reliable and effective way to advise on how to create a scheme using Voice of Colour that suits their individuality. 

In the UK, Voice of Colour is available exclusively through Johnstone’s Trade, bringing the latest colour trends to its customers. Visit www.johnstonestrade.com/colour for more information.