Welcome to the HSE Stress eBulletin

Welcome to the latest edition of the stress ebulletin.  In today's copy we are introducing two new talking toolkits and a training opportunity.



New Talking Toolkits

HSE has been conducting pilots with some sectors where the individual ‘employers’ have been smaller organisations eg schools. As part of the lessons learned exercise we have developed a new “Talking Tool”. This provides a structured approach to conversations to discuss topics which can be causes of stress.

These tools are designed primarily for SMEs with the intention of getting owners, directors and senior staff to start conversations about stress and mental health, to raise awareness, reduce stigma and gather evidence as to whether they have a problem with work related stress.

The toolkit is the starting point of the process and part of the required risk assessment. Where a risk from stress is identified the employer would have to consider steps to remove or reduce that risk. Talking to your staff is likely to provide many of these steps, too. 

generic talking toolkit

education talking toolkit

Stress: from Intervention to Prevention – Improving Your Approach to Tackling Work-related Stress

Is your organisation doing enough to tackle work-related stress and mental ill health? Join us for a one-day event, to reflect upon, re-evaluate and refine your current approach, which focuses on putting in place preventive measures that avoid harm and demonstrates the importance of a holistic approach that can include support initiatives such as mental health first aid, mindfulness and resilience training.

Tackling workplace stress is an important business topic, with many organisations realising that good mental health is as important as good physical health. Work related stress accounts for 57% of all working days lost due to ill health (equates to 15.4 million days lost to stress), so many pioneering organisations are incorporating the topic within their wellbeing initiatives, helping to raise awareness of the issues, break down stigma and protect their people.

We'll also bring you up to speed with the latest thinking from HSE specialist inspectors who will explain how the enforcement approach is evolving.

£495 per person.

28 March 2019 in Birmingham

26 March 2019 in Manchester

Special offer: Bring along a colleague for a third off! Book two places for £795.

28 March 2019 in Birmingham

26 March 2019 in Manchester

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Lessons Learned?

Have you come up with a novel solution for work related stress, some new approach to preventing your staff from being affected by it or overcome a particular problem as part of implementing a stress management approach? We’d love to hear from you!

We are keen to share information about measures that have worked in the real world. Have you cut your sickness absence costs by putting in place a simple fix? If you have an example of something you’ve done to protect your workers from stress let us know.

HSE Stress website and Go Home Healthy Campaign site.

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