PDA Members tackle some incredible industrial projects, with recent examples including specialist coating application for British Steel as well as airports, rollercoasters and high-rise buildings.


Industrial settings require contractors with a good understanding of specialist products, application techniques, health and safety, security and time pressures.

Painters and decorators taking on these kinds of projects also need the scope and scale to provide a timely and professional service while overcoming challenges which can include working at height or underground, operating machinery such as scissor lifts and co-ordinating with other contractors on site.

Complex jobs can require partnership working across departments such as HR, Health & Safety and security as well as liaising with outside bodies such as the local authority.

Members of the PDA have to measure up to the exacting membership requirements of the Association, which demand industry qualifications, or at least five years’ experience along with a minimum of four exemplary references.

The appointment of a quality contractor makes financial sense and supports sustainability. The longevity offered by a professional using correctly specified products will far outlive poor application from a less qualified source.

PDA Members specialising in industrial projects have wide product knowledge and great skill in application. Many also offer additional expertise such as highly decorative painting.

Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

Occasionally things can go wrong on a job. If you have an issue with a PDA Member, the Association can provide free mediation, which aims to reach an amicable solution for both parties.

To speak to a member of our team about a problem, please contact us at Head Office.

All enquiries will be treated with confidence until agreed otherwise.

Please see our Code of Practice below:

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