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The PDA’s Paint Green scheme launched in November 2022, with a recycling record start date of 20 March 2023. The scheme allows you to choose a PDA Member who has pledged to recycle more and drive down waste.

This innovative sustainability scheme for painters and decorators, encourages them to take action on waste.

To achieve Paint Green status, PDA Members commit to reducing waste by signing up to a paint container recycling scheme and find ways to ensure waste paint is reduced, reused or recycled.

PDA Members will sign a Paint Green Pledge and record their recycling efforts on a Green Card.

The recycling rate required to qualify for Paint Green status will be tailored to the size of the businesses taking part, reflecting the wide range of PDA membership which includes sole traders and SMEs, larger contractors and nationwide companies with hundreds of operatives.

Paint Green is designed to dovetail with existing sustainability and waste reduction schemes within the industry, many of which help community projects, provide additional employment and nurture links between business and non-profit sustainability organisations.

You will be able to search for Members who have committed to the Paint Green scheme by selecting ‚ÄėPaint Green‚Äô in the skills section of our Find a Decorator tool.

Find out more about Paint Green here:

PDA Members

PDA Members, have you had the chance to evaluate your working processes, engage with recycling and community re-use projects in your area and ultimately, identified how you can drive down waste.

Members can take the Paint Green Pledge by contacting Sam at PDA Head Office. Call now on 024 7635 3776 or email [email protected]