3M has unveiled its bold vision for the future ofthe graphics industry’s intermediate market, which it says will lie in high-performance non-PVC films.

The science-based technology company said it planned to significantly increase its focus on the Envision 48 and 48C ranges of print films by 3M as a result, while also maintaining its complete range of intermediate films.

When it launched in 2012, the Envision series of print films by 3M became the world’s first series of high-performing non-PVC films, marking the company as a pioneer in this field.

Subsequent 3M innovations have enabled the company to add a new generation of non-PVC films to this series, including the Envision 48 and 48C ranges of print films by 3M. 

3M technical specialist Tim Beyer said: “Demand for sustainable print films is rising as brand owners and their customers focus increasingly on their environmental credentials. 

“There was a time when using these products meant sacrificing quality. However, through continuous research and innovation, 3M has turned the tables on this.  

“As a result of these breakthroughs, we believe high-performance non-PVC films are the future of the intermediate graphics market.
“We will therefore renew our focus on this exciting field, through continuing innovation and investment, without diverting any attention from our premium graphics offering.”


The Envision 48 and 48C ranges of print films by 3M are suitable for a wide spectrum of indoor and outdoor applications, from exhibition graphics and corporate signage to fleet graphics and other partial vehicle wraps. 

The ranges include products that feature Controltac and Comply technologies by 3M, enabling easy and bubble-free application, respectively. The films are also tough, flexible and easy to remove.

Furthermore, both ranges are suitable for Inkjet digital printing; solvent, UV and Latex inks; and solvent and UV screen print.

The products also come with the MCS warranty from 3M – the industry’s most comprehensive cover.

For more information, visit www.3M.co.uk/graphicsolutions