Are you one of the many decorators who "guesstimate" the charge for a job based on the time and materials you believe you will need to complete it? These costs are usually based on a notional hourly charge and the cost of materials plus a small mark up for profit. If you are, you are not alone!

This method is convenient for small domestic jobs particularly for the self employed where you have only your own capabilities to consider, but if you want to look at bigger projects then this method is not reliable or consistent enough for jobs such as schools or offices and especially when working for companies, main contractors or public authorities. 

In these highly competitive times where loyalty can be overlooked for pricing, we, at the PDA, know the importance of getting your quote right first time round.

The estimating by measurement training day was set up to help painters and decorators make sure they get their quote as accurate as possible. The two part training day was presented by PDA National Treasurer, Bob Smith and Tony Holloway to improve your skills and profits with better estimating.

Bob Smith said:  “All who attended the training day found it stimulating and interesting. My sincere thanks to Anthony Holloway for his sterling work in making the arrangements”

The purpose of this training was to show a method of estimating based on the measurement of the elements of a building surface, the creation of a schedule of unit rates and a bill of quantities.

The first workshop led by Bob Smith covered areas such as prime cost of labour, the standard method of measurement - SMM7 (1998), measuring on site, schedule of rates creating on a spreadsheet or a card index, Bill of quantities.

The second part of the training was led by Tony Holloway. Based upon the research gathered through questionnaires, it was highlighting the results about the businesses' arrangements and the organisation to carry out estimates, the audit was best suited towards the sole trader/micro business.

The day was a great success and we expect members (and non-members) who attended to now be confident with their estimating skills, provide a great service to their customers and improve their profits.

New date now available: 23rd September 2017 -

Members can book online here.

Non-Members can book the training for £35 ex VAT by calling 0247635 3776

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