The objective of the Build UK response is to open a dialogue with Ministers on how employers and the sector can best meet the skills needs of the industry without Government intervention.  We believe that a more productive approach would be to use existing systems more effectively to deliver the ambitious apprenticeship targets and meet the training and skills needs of UK employers.

Final response

Our final response has been amended to reflect the views received as follows:

  • Confirming that employers not in-scope to CITB do not support the proposed Apprenticeship Levy as the most effective means of encouraging employers to employ apprentices or meet their skills needs
  • Emphasising the need for significant reform of the current CITB Levy and Grant Scheme to achieve apprenticeship ambitions.
  • Highlighting that reducing Government funding and expecting employers to pay substantially more for the provision of apprenticeship training is likely to reduce the number of apprenticeships overall.
  • Strongly recommending that apprenticeship training for 16 – 18 year olds should remain fully funded by Government as the alternative option of remaining in full time education is fully funded. 

Build UK members should be aware that whatever the outcome of the consultation, employers will be expected to pay more for the training element of apprenticeships than they currently do as a result of Government substantially reducing its existing funding across all ages.