The main objective of this system is to help reduce and minimise the number of accidents and incidents occurring on construction sites, by facilitating the sharing of information and knowledge.

Using the Incident Alerts System will give Build UK members the opportunity to inform others of accidents or incidents that have occurred in a consistent, factually correct and timely way. Incident Alerts will also facilitate the sharing of the causes of an incident and lessons learnt to help prevent similar circumstances taking place on another project.

The alert, which will be shared with Build UK members, will not provide any company or personal information, making it completely confidential. 

Current practice suggests that while organisations swiftly notify their internal teams of incidents and lessons learnt, this vital information is not shared widely across the industry. Through the Incident Alerts System Build UK is encouraging its members to share the key information to support learning across the industry, as well as identifying trends within the industry which can be collectively acted upon.

Have you filled Build UK Accident Survey ?

The 2016/17 Build UK Accident Survey is live and you can submit your accident statistics for the last 12 months from 1 April 2016 – 31 March 2017 via the following link:

Build UK Accident Survey 2016/17

For companies that have not had any accidents over the last 12 months, Build UK still wants to hear from you and the survey will take no more than a minute to complete.

All information submitted is treated in confidence and no company names will be mentioned in any reports.

The deadline for responses is Friday 1 September 2017