Plans have been outlined to encourage more women to champion the innovative role BIM can play in the construction industry.

The BIM Regions network is aiming to ensure that half the positions on its BIM Champions board are filled by women.

It comes as the digital construction body also seeks to step up the number of industry professionals it engages with through a new programme of regional events.

Each of the organisation’s 16 regional groups currently appoint two BIM “champions” to advise businesses about the technology.

But additional roles are now to be created to ensure that more women can be encouraged to participate.

John Eynon, co-chair of the BIM Champions group, said the move will help to change perceptions of the sector as being dominated by men.

“As a male in a male-dominated industry, I think we need to do something to change the game, and take a thought leadership position,” he said.

BIM – or Building Information Modelling – is already benefitting thousands of businesses by creating virtual models of construction projects before anyone steps on site.

Formerly supported by the Construction Industry Council, BIM Regions is set to become a not-for-profit legal entity in its own right, allowing it to raise funds independently.

BIM Regions was set up in 2012 to help raise awareness of BIM up and down the country.

Its experts include figures from industry, the public sector, institutes and academia.

It works with industry, and is now set to begin engaging with the Government and local authorities.

The organisation is also poised to start collaborating with trade associations as it bids to increase BIM take-up.

It is aiming to step up its engagement with construction professionals from around 15,000 a year to some 25,000.

Mr Eynon said: “We want to move on from a mindset of maintenance and into a mindset of growth.”