Access to tradespeople of all kinds is ever-widening, thanks to the availability of internet searches, social media and on-line directories that are today’s equivalent of the old Yellow Pages.  Today, just by entering a few key words, you can access hundreds of tradespeople doing the work that you want.  What is more difficult is knowing whether the tradespeople are qualified, experienced, insured and importantly have legal support should a job go wrong.

In the field of painting and decorating, anyone can set themselves up as a painter and decorator.  All they need is a few rollers and brushes, old sheets, a van and pair of ladders and overalls that look as if they’ve got a few decorating miles behind them.  If they’ve got a business card and a Facebook page, then a ‘professional’ look is created.

Review websites have become the port of call for anyone looking to dine out, choose a hotel or look for a tradesperson.  But, as we all know, not all reviews are accurate or honest, and they certainly don’t check out qualifications or experience, they are simply the opinions of others.  In the case of a painter and decorator who’s just set up in business, he or she may have done a couple of jobs for family and friends, who of course are going to give a glowing review.  But what about the next person who chooses this painter and decorator on the strength of the reviews and the job goes wrong?  Perhaps the workmanship is shoddy, the painter leaves a mess, or worse, spills paint over carpets or furniture.  Where does that leave the consumer?

By far the best way to choose any tradesperson is to ensure that they are a member of their industry trade association.  In the case of painters and decorators, it is The Painting and Decorating Association (also known as the PDA).  When you choose a PDA member, it is your assurance that he or she is fully qualified, fully insured, and importantly, has 24/7 access to legal support.  This legal support is an important aspect of trade association membership and is your assurance that the tradesperson has access to mediation and arbitration services should they be required.

In addition, a PDA member has access to many exclusive key benefits only available to members, such as working closely with the leading paint and wallpaper manufacturers, so they are fully up to date with the latest trends and innovations.  One such initiative is the paint manufacturers working together to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and solvents by replacing them with environmentally-friendly alternatives.  PDA members also have access to some of the most respected colour consultants in the business, so they are at the forefront of what’s happening in the world of interiors.

On a more commercial side, PDA members are kept up to date with issues of health and safety, risk assessment, employment, and training, and are always the first to know of changes in legislation that affects our industry.  This means that they put health and safety first in every job they do.

A PDA member is also the only person entitled to use the PDA logo; on vehicles, workwear, websites and promotional items, so if the PDA ‘badge’ of quality isn’t present, then they are not a PDA member.

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