Welcome to the first Cyber Streetwise partner newsletter, a round-up of all ourexciting and impactful partner and campaign activity.

With your help, Cyber Streetwise is successfully changing public and small businesses' behaviour, encouraging them to adopt a set of simple and protective online behaviours which will help guard against cyber threats.

To keep you informed and inspired, we will regularly share the latest campaign news and opportunities to get involved. Cyber Streetwise News may even be something you want to highlight to your stakeholders and staff to celebrate your involvement.

In this edition, we've got the latest Policy news, detail on our upcoming social media campaign and how to get involved, an update on our exciting partnership with Dixons Carphone and highlights on the impact Cyber Streetwise is having.
Thank you for your continued support.



Policy News


Two thirds of large UK businesses hit by cyber attack in the last year (read the full blog here)

New Government research shows two thirds (65%) of large UK businesses experienced a cyber attack in the past year.  The Cyber Security Breaches Surveyfound that while one in four large firms experiencing a breach did so at least once a month, only half of all firms have taken any recommended actions to identify and address vulnerabilities. Even fewer, about a third of all firms, had formal, written cyber security policies and only 10% had an incident management plan.

The Government is encouraging all firms to take action: the 10 Steps to Cyber Security provides advice to large businesses, Cyber Streetwise offers advice to small businesses and the Cyber Essentials scheme shows how to protect against the most common cyber attacks. Cabinet Office is leading cross-government work to draw up the new National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021. The strategy will be published later this year.

An update on the National Cyber Security Centre

A new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) offering industry a ‘one-stop-shop’ for cyber security support will launch in the autumn. The NCSC will simplify the current cyber security landscape and has four key aims: to reduce the cyber security risk to the UK; to respond effectively to cyber incidents to reduce harm to the UK;  to understand the cyber security environment, share knowledge and address systemic vulnerabilities; and to nurture the UK's cyber security capability, providing leadership on key national cyber security issues.

The NCSC will work closely with the Home Office, DCMS and other partners to ensure general advice and guidance messages are deployed as effectively as possible. The prospectus, which sets out more detail about the work of the NCSC and details of how to offer comments on its work, can be found here.









New News


On Tuesday 26 July we’ll be launching our new campaign push, #quickupdates, to encourage the general public to download the latest software updates as soon as they are available, as they contain vital security upgrades which protect devices from viruses and hackers.
Advice from the government’s GCHQ cyber security arm, CESG, outlines that software updates are one of the most effective actions the public can take to protect themselves online. 

The activity is supported by the release of government research conducted by Ipsos MORI, exploring the number of people who fail to always download the latest software updates. A suite of social content will be shared with partners over the next two weeks which will relate these findings to quick updates people do everyday across different interest areas. We encourage you to promote  on your social media channels, create your own similar content, or highlight the campaign through your wider channels such as in newsletters or blogs on your website. 







How to get involved


There are lots of ways to support the Cyber Streetwise campaign over the next few months, starting with social media support: 

  • Get social

Follow us on Twitter (@cyberstreetwise) or Facebook or join the debate in ourLinkedIn Forum group and share your own cyber insights with fellow experts.

  • Support our activity peaks

To start with we need your help to support our #quickupdates campaign from 26 July. This is the first of a series of specific campaign pushes, which will see further PR, social media and advertising peaks in the Autumn and New Year focusing on Cyber Streetwise's other core messages. 

We’d love to see your support across social media, specifically using the hashtag#quickupdates for July’s peak, and the handle @CyberStreetwise, to spread the message as far and wide as possible. Look out for our campaign materials and toolkit landing with you in the next couple of weeks. Your support could be as simple as a re-tweet or posting your own version of #quickupdates.

  • Check out our content

Partner resources from leaflets to posters, are available for you to access and share with your members or customers. Any of these can be co-branded to fit with your organisation’s own communications and we can work with you to create exciting content that is bespoke to your brand.

To partner up with us on fresh pieces of content or take a more active role supporting Cyber Streetwise, get in touch with us here: cyberstreet@homeoffice.x.gsi.gov.uk







Campaign Spotlight


Dixons Carphone plc (including PC World) is one of Cyber Streetwise’s dedicated retail partners. Over the last six months, our collaboration has focused on increasing the reach of Cyber Streetwise’s three core protective messages. Activity has comprised of spokesperson opportunities in the national media, a bespoke cyber security information page on Dixons Carphone’s Small Business Advice Hubnative advertising, and e-newsletter editorial sent to over 390,000 small businesses. 
The Dixons Carphone team understands that their customers are seeking information and advice for cyber security messages. The behaviours promoted by working with Cyber Streetwise has helped Dixons Carphone live its brand values. 
"We’re delighted to be partnering with Cyber Streetwise, we speak to businesses everyday who highlight security as being a priority for their business. Working with Cyber Streetwise allows us to educate our customers with relevant information and empower them with the latest guidance." Simon Moyle, Head of Business Solutions









So what impact is it having?


Cyber Streetwise is already measurably changing behaviour. Independent evaluation from the 2015/16 campaign indicates that an estimated 10m adults and 1m SMEs claimed they were more likely to maintain or take up key cyber security behaviours as a result of Cyber Streetwise.
Your support has been integral to this success, and more than 100 public and private sector partners are actively supporting the campaign on a regular basis.
Our audience have told us where, when and from whom they expect to see cyber security messages and this insight includes partners from a range of public and private sectors. It is this collective, cross sector and multi-pronged approach from us all delivering consistent and simple cyber security advice, which is the key to making the difference.
Clearly it’s already working, and together we can continue to drive behaviour change and make being cyber secure second nature. Growing this exciting partnership activity this year and beyond is crucial in making this happen.
To help inform your organisation’s own communications on this topic, we have packaged up our qualitative research insights into the levers and barriers to cyber security behaviour change which have informed the development of the Cyber Streetwise campaign. This toolkit outlines what customers expect to hear from you about cyber security and how you can identify simple ‘nudge’ points in your communications and service offer to further support this collective effort and boost your organisation’s reputation. The toolkit will be published shortly and all partners will be emailed a copy.