LUC10112017_055.jpgSince 1882, the British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) has provided a wide range of specially selected financial, commercial and key business services to over 6,500 independent retailers of all shapes and sizes across the UK. Living by their ‘Independent Together’ motto, BIRA ’s goal is to make each member feel supported, informed and inspired by ensuring all members are represented at each level. Fostering these relationships with stakeholders starts internally, which is why BIRA contacted Dulux Trade when they decided to update their headquarters in Birmingham.    


Dulux Trade, with artistic direction from BIRA, was able to create a calm, positive and productive workspace across the two expansive floors that BIRA occupies. The entrace/breakout/kitchen areas, board/bathrooms, HR/membership/Directors/Senior Management/marketing offices,  Oxford Summer School, staircases and corridors were all extensively modernised. 


LUC10112017_044.jpgThe colours selected for the makeover were chosen to deliver a contemporary environment without saturating the office in too much colour. The overarching aim was to use a broad wall colour as a backdrop, accompanied by flashes of vibrancy from the accent colours in the furniture chosen. Dulux Trade to paid close attention to detail with regards to  colour proportion, so that each application is kept to a minimum, thereby creating impact and balance. 


The three main colours chosen were 77YY 83/073 on the main walls, 88BG 62/005 on all trims, and White on the ceilings, staircases and doors.


The accent colours chosen to make the project pop were 87YR 12/005 and 31BG 26/004. 


For the refurbishment the following finishes were chosen:LUC10112017_004.jpg

  • Dulux Trade Diamond Matt
  • Dulux Trade Satinwood


The main product of choice was Dulux Trade Diamond Matt, a hardwearing, water-based matt emulsion paint that uses Dulux Trade’s Diamond Technology, making it perfect for high traffic areas. It’s resistance to typical everyday stains means it will repeatedly wipe clean without polishing up which means it’s ideal for offices such as BIRA.


Tiffany Hall, Commercial Colour Consultant at AkzoNobel, who helped develop the initial design and overall feel at BIRA, said: “It is extremely important when looking at colours for office use that long-term thinking comes into play. We spend a great deal of time with customers in the initial planning stages making sure we get the colour scheme 100% correct.


“The environment people work in impacts on their productivity, and here at Dulux we keep this front and centre of any commercial design. BIRA has been fantastic to work with and the employees love the new scheme. It’s great to see that the work we do has such an imapact”.


Robert Jarrett, Marketing and Membership Director at BIRA said: “Anyone who may have visited our offices in the past will know that they were in need of modernisation. The dark corridors have been brightened and we are very grateful to Dulux Trade who sponsored the paint supplies for the project. Rooms have been opened up to create a modern and more social working environment, reflecting our association as a whole, which will only benefit our members with the various departments all working more closely together.


“The offices have been bought into the 21st century and have a much more light and airy feeling thanks to the colours that Dulux helped us with. They found the perfect colours to complement our choices of furniture and carpet and the result unifies both of our buildings, which was a key factor when we started this massive refurbishment project.


“It hasn’t been an easy process, as it involved the consolidation of two offices in two different locations (Birmingham and Banbury) into two buildings on one site in Birmingham. As work was completed on one of our buildings everyone had to camp together, which was cosy to say the least. Our new boardroom became home to three different departments while their new offices were refurbished. We are thrilled with the result though, so it was all worth it!”.  



The works were carried out through Dulux Trade Contract Partnership, an exclusive network of independently assessed, quality-assured commercial decorators which provide amazing end results. Contract Partners’ continual assessment ensures customers feel comfortable in the knowledge that their contractor will successfully deliver the desired specification every time.


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