Employers need to know about the important changes in the new 2016 -2017 tax year. The best way would be to register for our popular informative webinars.

Join us for the ‘What’s new for 2016’ webinars to find out about the main payroll changes coming in for the 2016 - 2017 tax year.

Wednesday 17 February @ 13.00 - Employers - What's new for 2016

Monday       29 February @ 12.00 - Employers - What's new for 2016

Join us for the ‘Getting payroll information right’ webinars to find out how to provide accurate information to HMRC.

Thursday     25 February @ 11.00 - Getting payroll information right

Join us to find out what a new employer needs know about getting things right with HMRC.

Tuesday       16 February @ 11.00 - Getting started as an employer

Microphones and webcams are not needed to take part – just click the links to register and we will send out the invitations to join, it’s that simple.

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