The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has questioned the stance of London Mayor Boris Johnson regarding new safety proposals for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) entering the capital.

A public consultation has been launched by the mayor that aims to receive feedback on plans for the installation of new transparent doors for HGVs that would allow drivers to more easily see what is going on around their vehicle.

However, it is a move that the FTA feels is ill-conceived and could add additional and unnecessary cost burdens on UK logistics operators.

FTA head of national & regional policy Christopher Snelling commented: "Improving visibility for HGV drivers is really important, but there are many different ways to achieve this.

"We are disappointed that the mayor has chosen to focus on just one option without clear evidence that this is the best way to deliver the desired outcome.

"In recent years, the mayor and Transport for London have made additional mirrors, cameras and sensors a priority for HGVs. Now suddenly this one panel is the answer."

He added that many companies have already spent considerable sums upgrading their vehicles to be in line with the new side mirror and safety regulations that were implemented in 2015, and these additional changes could add extra costs and may not even drive an upturn in safety.

The new consultation will ask Londoners if they are in support of the proposal in principle and whether or not it should be enforced through an extension to the existing Safer Lorry Scheme.