Earlier this year, the UK public went to the polls to determine the future of the nation's relationship with Europe, with a referendum to determine UK membership of the EU held in June.

The result came out in favour of the Leave camp, with a vote of 52 per cent wishing to leave against 48 per cent who wanted to remain in the EU. It means the UK has now begun the preliminaries of activating Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union, which will begin a two-year process of negotiations between the UK and the EU.

Now, The Fuelcard People has published a guide to the whole issue of Brexit, with key insight into the many factors that have come into play due to the referendum result.

From the process of engaging Article 50, through to the difficulties in maintaining access to the European single market, the guide examines how the uncertainties of Brexit will impact UK small to medium-sized enterprises in the coming years.

Fleet operators are provided with a range of insight into what Brexit will specifically mean for them, including the changing strength of the pound in the wake of Brexit, the likely impact on imports/exports and the short to long-term implications for petrol/diesel prices.

The Fuelcard People's 'A Guide to Brexit for UK Businesses' can be read here.