What you need to know about automatic enrolment and ongoing duties

What are automatic enrolment duties? Every employer has them, they need to assess their staff, putting them onto a workplace pension scheme if they meet the criteria. They need to communicate what they have done in writing, submitting and completing a declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

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Reporting Pay As You Earn in real time

It’s really important to accurately report Pay As You Earn in real time, it ensures that your employees pay the right amount of tax and it’s vital to the success of Universal Credit (UC). It’s designed to increase the financial benefits of work and provide you with a more flexible workforce.

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Tax codes – get it right the first time

 Are you taking on a new employee? A starter declaration needs to be completed for every employee – we have an online tool which will help you submit the right starter code.

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Expenses exemption

From 6 April 2016, a general expenses exemption was introduced for amounts which would otherwise be deductible. Now, employers no longer need to apply to HMRC for a dispensation, provided that the employee would be able to claim a fully matching tax deduction and neither employers or employees need to report reimbursed expenses where they meet the conditions under the general expenses exemption.

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Paying HMRC in October

22 October – the electronic payment deadline, but it’s a Sunday. To make sure that your payment for that month reaches HMRC on time, you need to have cleared funds by the Friday 20th October, unless you can arrange a Faster Payment to clear on the deadline.

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The Construction Industry Scheme

 Limited company subcontractor’s repayment iForm

If you are a limited company subcontractor and haven’t been able to off-set your company’s Constructions Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions against other PAYE liabilities during the year, you may need to claim a repayment once the tax year finishes. Recently, we introduced a new Repayment iForm, which helps to make the CIS repayment claim process much more efficient.

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