Johnstone’s Trade products have been used to refresh Lymm Water Tower, a unique Grade II listed property in Cheshire.


Designer and owner Russell Harris selected Johnstone’s Stormshield Self Cleaning Masonry paint in white for the exterior of the minimalist five-bedroom property, which he developed by renovating the derelict water tower to turn it into a family home.


The groundbreaking nanotechnology used to create Johnstone’s Self Cleaning Masonry paint gives it unrivalled dirt-resisting properties, meaning surfaces stay cleaner for longer – a key consideration for the renovation of Tower House, with its all white design and exposed location.


Johnstone’s Covaplus Vinyl Matt was used to paint the building’s interior ceilings and walls, also in white, and the product’s formulation provides an increased open time, which allows decorators more time to over roller back into a wet edge, helping to ensure a better finish.


The building’s complex design provided a challenge for decorators, who had to paint underneath the property’s exterior eaves, and scale some considerable heights, and their efforts produced an outstanding result.


The house was featured in Kevin McCloud’s book, The Best of Grand Designs, and the property’s high profile made it all the more important that refurbishments were completed to the highest standard.


Mr Harris said: “We have used Johnstone’s paint before and we’ve found that it always stands the test of time.


“Having an entirely white home, including the floors, is a challenge at the best of times, but the high performance and durability of Johnstone’s products give us a valuable advantage.”


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