In response to the changing needs of commercial and domestic appliers and the changing environment that they operate within, Dulux Trade has launched a much anticipated new Vinyl Matt formulation. The formulation is a result of a significant investment in quality, involving two years of research and development work. AkzoNobel’s product development scientists have used the latest technology to offer improved application properties and an even better finish, with the needs of today’s industry-leading professionals in mind.Dulux_16nov17_005_PRESS.jpg


Decorators are under increasing time pressure resulting in demand for a paint that will perform straight from the tin without the need to thin. The new Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt has an improved in-can consistency that can be applied with or without thinning for great results. The new formulation has a smooth flow for easy application and the benefit of reduced fly-off for a more enjoyable and efficient decorating process. The improved consistency also supports the delivery of a high quality uniform finish, whilst continuing to deliver outstanding opacity and coverage.


Suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces, the formulation offers great colour retention, and as a low sheen matt, it is ideally suited to covering imperfections for a consistently brilliant finish. With a coverage rate of up to 17m2/l, the new Vinyl Matt formulation also continues to deliver the excellent opacity and coverage that Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt is known for.


To support the launch, Dulux Trade has also invested in the It MATTers campaign across digital, trade press, social media and in-store to drive awareness of the upgrade amongst professional appliers to encourage discussion and ongoing feedback with the brand. Dulux Trade will also be featuring Vinyl Matt at the National Painting and Decorating show in Coventry on the 28th and 29th of November 2017 to demonstrate the improved application and finish.Dulux_16nov17_138_PRESS.jpg


Paul Dougherty, AkzoNobel’s Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing, said: “We have dedicated a huge amount of time to understanding appliers’ and specifiers’ real needs and there’s no doubt that after two years of investment, we’ve produced a Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt range that delivers the level of excellence expected from Dulux Trade. The paint has been put through rigorous testing processes, both in the Lab, through the Dulux Academy and with numerous professional domestic and commercials appliers to ensure that what we’ve delivered will meet their expectations, whether it’s being used for brush, spray or roller application.


Producing such a high quality product to meet the high standards expected of Dulux Trade products is further evidence of our continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of paint and coatings technology and supporting the professionalism of the industry”.


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