Final Call

Nominations for Apprenticeship Companies/Apprentices

Deadline 14 November

European Alliance for Apprenticeships Awards

 The candidates must demonstrate outstanding achievements in the area of apprenticeships, in particular keeping in mind that the focus areas of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships: the quality, the supply and the image of apprenticeships.

Selection criteria

In categories 1) and 2), we look in particular for companies that:

  • Have an excellent quality of their apprenticeships which is supported by a systematic quality assurance system, resulting in well-trained and satisfied apprentices.
  • Have successfully initiated or developed mobility schemes for apprentices.
  • Have increased their numbers of apprentices significantly in recent years.
  • Have managed to improve the image of apprenticeships in the geographic area or sector they operate in.
  • Have managed to establish a close and well-functioning cooperation with the world of education and training.

In category 3), we look in particular for apprentices who:

  • Have excelled during their apprentice period beyond the tasks that were expected from them, e.g.
    • have contributed substantially in developing a product, service or process, etc.
    • have taken up tasks that apprentices don’t normally have,
    • have been able to improve the image of apprenticeships in an outstanding manner
    • have brought in useful experiences after a training period in a foreign company or vocational school. 

In this category we accept nominations of current and recent (graduated within two years) apprentices.


Who can recommend candidates for the awards?

  • Only EAfA member organisations can propose candidates in any of the 3 categories.

Which companies / which apprentices can be proposed as candidates for the awards?

  • The proposed companies must be members of the EAfA. The apprentices proposed must be current or recent apprentices of companies under the EAfA.  An EAfA member company can propose its own apprentices.
  • To see whether a company is a member of the EAfA , please refer to the web site of the EAfA: Pledges - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion - European Commission

How to propose candidates for the awards?

  • Please make your proposals via the EUSurvey link provided here.
  • The proposals must mention clearly the name of the company (and category – small or big company – in which it is proposed) and the name of the apprentice. A brief justification must be given which outlines clearly the merits of the proposed company, responding to one or several of the selection criteria (see above).

The proposals must be submitted on 14 November 2016 at the latest via

The European Commission will set up and chair a selection board composed of EAfA stakeholders, but will not participate in the selection process.

The award will be given to one SME, one big company and two apprentices during the Closing Event of the first European Vocational Skills Week on 9 December 2016.