County Durham painter Lee Ferry has praised the quality of Leyland Trade’s Truguard Smooth Masonry paint after using it to transform seven plain walls into colourful learning tools at Greenland Community Primary School.


Lee is known in the area for his ability to transform interior and exterior walls with his stunning large-scale murals, and the school asked him to work his magic on seven large walls that had all just been painted red by contractors when the school was built in 2013.


The paintwork was carried out in two stages, and the end result is a stunning series of murals that depict scenes from world geography, ancient history, outer space and popular children's storybooks.


Taking place during term time, the work attracted the attention of pupils who took a keen interest in Lee's creations, and a crew from a local TV channel also came along to document the transformation.


Leyland Trade’s Truguard Smooth Masonry paint offered Lee a smooth, durable coating that could be recoated in just four hours, allowing him to finish swiftly and move onto other jobs.


Lee explained how he came to be an advocate of the paint, saying: "I stumbled across it while working on another large job in a school, and I was impressed by the quality of the product.


"One of the main reasons I use Truguard Smooth Masonry on all my exterior jobs is I can have it specially mixed to every colour imaginable, unlike most masonry paints on the market.


"The paint provides outstanding coverage and is water based. It's a testament to its quality that when I return to sites I’ve used it on, it still looks like it was painted yesterday. The paint would probably out live the wall in some cases!"


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