The Fuelcard People is proud to announce the launch of a new product that will offer exclusive benefits to our customers – the One Fuelcard.

The One Fuelcard offers access to the largest fixed price fuel network in the whole of the UK (more than 50 per cent of all UK filling stations). It also covers all Shell sites and all Esso stations, as well as all Topaz, Total, Texaco and Gleaner facilities.

It is an excellent choice for fleet managers looking for a simple-to-use and cost-effective fuel card solution for their business or organisation, with cardholders also able to accrue both Shell Drivers Club points at Shell stations and Tesco Clubcard points at Esso garages.


Here we examine head-to-head some of the standout features of the One Fuelcard against one of our leading rivals:

Station coverage

The One Fuelcard: 4,000+

Allstar Fuel Card: 7,600+

Fixed weekly pricing

The One Fuelcard: Yes – you'll be sent our fixed price every week for diesel and petrol

Allstar Fuel Card: No – you'll always pay pump prices

Transaction charges

The One Fuelcard: No

Allstar Fuel Card: £2 per fill-up

Petrol and diesel option

The One Fuelcard: Yes

Allstar Fuel Card: Yes

Overall, businesses that sign up for the One Fuelcard from The Fuelcard People will be ensuring they never pay unnecessary transaction charges ever again, while also securing fixed weekly pricing on both diesel and petrol meaning they can ignore the pump price – dual benefits that could lead to savings of thousands of pounds when spread across whole fleets.

Other advantages of signing up to the One Fuelcard include:

  • A dedicated account manager for all fuel card customers, ensuring there will be no queues at frustrating call centres when our clients need a helping hand.
  • Free price notifications to mobile phone, laptop or fax for commercial fuel card users to ensure our customers are kept well abreast of the latest best deals.
  • Purchases are invoiced weekly and payment is made by no-hassle direct debit.
  • Online account access, giving round-the-clock access to transactional information, account details and more at the simple click of a mouse.

Getting the most bang for your buck really is the name of the game for companies keen to keep their fleet management costs to a minimum, especially given the fact that recent research from placed the UK as the most expensive country on Earth in which to buy fuel.

The report revealed that the average price of one litre of diesel across the globe now stands at $0.94, but here in the UK this figure rises to $1.74 (£1.12).

With UK vehicle operators paying almost double the global average for diesel, it is now more important than ever that fleet managers are doing all they can to cut unnecessary costs.

Responding to the results, group marketing manager at The Fuelcard People Steve Clarke commented: "Even firms in notoriously expensive places like Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco pay less for petrol. Everyone in the world pays less than our companies have to pay for diesel.

"There is no mystery to the UK's embarrassing position. Each nation buys oil on the same global markets, but then imposes its own taxes. The price on our forecourts includes 59 per cent for diesel, 61 per cent for petrol. Having to pay the highest fuel duty in Europe is crippling our economy and hindering the recovery."

It therefore pays for companies to be keeping their fuel costs to a minimum – and this is something that here at The Fuelcard People we are proud to be able to help with.

So get in touch with one of our helpful advisors and find out more about the money you could be saving by signing up to the One Fuelcard.