Drivers across the UK should be carrying out regular examinations and checks on their tyres in order to stay safe when taking to the roads, GEM Motoring Assist has warned.

According to the road safety and recovery specialist, excessive wear and tear to tyres can be one of the greatest dangers that motorists face. However, it is a situation that can be easily rectified with just a little care and attention.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth stated: "We rely on our tyres to keep us safe on journeys. After all, they provide the only contact between the car we're driving and the road surface.

"In an extreme situation, correctly-inflated tyres with good levels of tread will allow all the other safety systems on a car to work at their most effective."

Mr Worth went to argue that ensuring tyres are inflated to the manufacturer's specification can not only enhance grip to ensure proper steering and braking, it can also significantly improve fuel economy and help motorists to save.

GEM is therefore urging all vehicle owners to take time to regularly inspect the state of their tyres, as well as other common aspects of vehicle maintenance, such as maintaining oil levels, washer fluid and keeping windows clean and clear.

Ben Robb, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, comments: "Tyre safety should be a top priority for all drivers. Keeping on top of vehicle maintenance is essential if motorists wish to ensure they are reducing their risk of breakdown or accidents when taking to the road."

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