Predictions for how technology could revolutionise the world of construction over the course of the next 100 years have been made in a new report.

The Future Living Report – put together by scientists, academics and futurologists – shows how the way we live is set to change almost unrecognisably.

Among the top predictions, the experts suggest that developments in 3D printing will allow us to print off structures like houses using recyclable materials.

Next-generation building materials such as carbon nanotubes and diamond nanothreads will also dramatically alter the kinds of projects undertaken. As populations in our cities grow, these materials will allow us to build ‘super skyscrapers’ that put even the tallest buildings of today to shame.

There will also be revolutionary ‘earth-scrapers’ that tunnel some 25 storeys or more down beneath our feet and provide new living spaces unimaginable today.

In another radical forecast, whole cities could be constructed underwater, with advances in science leading to revolutionary breathing apparatus.

Elsewhere, the joinery profession could be fundamentally altered, thanks to flexible living spaces that let us change the size of a room using moving partitions.

Alongside this, the panel predicts that malleable walls will be developed that will provide us with luxuries like extra seats and shelving at the push of a button.

A poll of 2,000 adults was carried out to accompany the report, which was commissioned by tech firm SmartThings.

It suggests the predictions people think are most likely to become a reality are construction projects to build super skyscrapers and underwater cities.

Space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who co-authored the report, said: “Our lives today are almost unrecognisable from those a century ago. Over the next century we will witness further seismic shifts in the way we live and interact with our surroundings.”