Sadolin_Extra_Durable_Clearcoat.jpgFor a number of years, the UK has seen a trend towards wood - used outdoors on buildings such as schools, colleges and hospitals - having a natural look. 

However, our climate means that wood which is not protected can start to break down just four weeks after being exposed outdoors. 

As a result, one of the most common enquiries made to Sadolin is how to protect wood, and keep the on-trend finish. 

To achieve this look, a variety of technical details need to be considered – and these are all covered in an online video focused on the subject in the ‘This Is Sadolin’ series. 

Episode four in the series – entitled ‘Keeping Wood Natural’ gives a comprehensive overview of how to achieve the look and still protect the wood from going grey. 

Offering an insight in to the effect the UK climate has on wood and the various aesthetic finishes available in the Sadolin range, the video is set to become a valuable resource for decorators looking to advise their commercial and residential clients.   

Available to view on the Sadolin Woodcare YouTube channel at ‘This Is Sadolin’ has seven videos in the series, all designed to help decorators make the most of the premium woodcare brand’s product range. 

Ultra_Topcoat.jpgSean Thompson, of Sadolin Technical Services, said: “Our most common query is how to introduce a wood stain or wood coating product that is not going to impart colour on to the surface of their wood. 

“A natural look can be achieved, but a pigment needs to be within the coating to provide long term durability, resistance and protection against UV. 

“If this is not in place, the wood will go grey and denature underneath, and break down in a very short period of time.  

“This video demonstrates how our highly translucent systems including Sadolin Extra Durable Clearcoat and Sadolin Ultra® can help achieve a fit for purpose finish, which makes the wood look fantastic, shows it off to its best advantage, keeps its beauty, and gives it the durability that it needs.” 

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