The Government is currently running two consultations, which look to establish a definition for the term ‘Apprenticeship’.

The first consultation, run by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, aims to give a legal protection to the term ‘Apprenticeship’, to protect the brand and give candidates and employers confidence in the quality of apprenticeship courses offered.

This short consultation runs until Wednesday 19 August. To respond directly, go to the BIS website.

The second consultation, being run by HM Treasury, looks at how to ensure the National Insurance Contributions discount for employers looking to take on apprentice is not abused.

To do this, Government are looking to develop a clearer definition of what an apprenticeship is and ensure only apprenticeships meeting this definition are supported with this discount.

This consultation runs until 18 September and can be found on the HM Treasury website.

CITB will be responding to both consultations. For further information, please contact Sam Thomas, Policy Officer, on 0300 456 5427 or