Winning new business in any industry isn’t easy, but when you are a sole trader or small business with limited resources, it’s doubly difficult. 

Whether you are painting or paper hanging in Mrs. Jones’ dining room or decorating the local community centre, you may be thinking that whilst you’ve got work today, what about tomorrow? 

This is one of the huge challenges that faces the small trader who has a limited number of hours in any day, so whilst you are painting, you can’t be prospecting for new business.

Let us do the prospecting for you!

You may have noticed on our new website, our unique FIND A DECORATOR  facility, which allows anyone looking for a painter and decorator to enter their postcode and be presented with a list of PDA members in their area.  If it’s in your area, your name will be on that list.  A single click will take the visitor straight through to a member to find out more.  Here he or she will see the company or individual’s name, logo, customer reviews and examples of work.  This is a really important element of the search, it provides the person looking for a contractor with all the information he or she needs to make a decision.  Comprehensive information about YOU and examples of YOUR WORK will greatly increase your chances of being contacted.

DO IT NOW!  If you haven’t already completed your profile, then do it now, and increase your chances of being contacted by people actively seeking a painter/decorator.  After all, if your profile is blank (as it may be right now), why would anyone make contact if they don’t have this key information.

TAKE PICTURES!  If you don’t have any pictures of your completed work, then start taking them now and use them on your profile page – it’s YOUR PAGE, so use it to advantage.  Most people have smartphones today and most of them have excellent cameras which are more than capable of taking a good quality shot for use on the website.

If you have all of your information to hand + pictures, then uploading to your profile shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.


Head to our homepage and login at the top of the page, click ‘members only area’ and then ‘my profile page’.


Once you’re on your profile, you can update your business information including your logo, business description, contact information, images of your current work and more. These will all help to give you the edge when consumers search for your services.


This step is the easy bit – click ‘update your details’ at the bottom of the page!

YOU’RE DONE!  Congratulations, your profile is now live and can be accessed by people searching for your skills and services, in your area.  If you have any problems doing this, then we are here to help.  Just email Denice, your Membership Services Manager at with your query and we’ll talk you through the process.