An updated set of best-practice criteria has been put together to support the construction sector in doing its utmost to boost the image of the industry.

The Monitors’ Checklist is part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, launched with the aim of supporting the building trade to show itself in the best possible light.

It will be used during visits to construction sites, companies and suppliers to assess the performance of industry stakeholders against the Code of Considerate Practice.

Among the latest additions to the checklist are questions designed to determine whether the sector is doing enough to tackle problems caused by the shortfall in skilled labour.

One question asks what sites are doing to improve the overall image of the industry and to attract and retain the workforce of the future.

Further new sections seek to root out illegal workers and modern slavery, asking how sites are monitoring the legitimacy and competency of their staff.

Members of the scheme now have until May 1 to familiarise themselves with the updated checklist before it is put into practice during assessments.

Some 18,000 visits to sites, companies and suppliers are carried out each year, with the results used to paint a general picture of the state of the sector.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme was set up in 1997 and is backed by both the Government and the industry.

Its aim is to promote competent management, efficiency, awareness of environmental issues and positive values such as neighbourliness.

Participants in the scheme are encouraged to respect their community, protect the environment, ensure safety and value their workforce.