Our new Crown Trade water-based Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss has got off to a flying start - with decorators across the country giving it the thumbs-up.

We’ll be previewing the system at the National Painting and Decorating Show in December but if you want to find out a bit more information about it now why not check out our new video, which provide a general introduction to the system and a look at the application process?

Kevin O’Donnell, our product training expert, has gone on camera to explain what makes Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss - complemented by Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Primer Undercoat - a winning combination for the trade.

The video can be seen on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CrownTradeTV

Nikki Cosgrove, Crown Trade Brand Manager, said: “The feedback we’ve received to date has said that this water-based product looks and feels like it’s oil-based.

“The formulation allows decorators to have time to move the product around on the surface and we’ve also had positive feedback about the lack of odour.

“We hope that the video will prove useful to anyone wanting to know more about it and how they can introduce it for projects in the future.”

A programme of intensive research and development was undertaken to ensure the Crown Trade Fastflow system offers the right paint for the job for both indoor and outdoor use.

Excellent coverage and opacity, exceptional flow - and fast-track drying times that enable two coats to be applied in just one day - are just some of the system’s features.

And once applied, Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss leaves a stunning, high gloss finish to a standard normally associated with solvent borne paints, as well as a crisp, white shade that will last for the long term.

One company that has seen the system in action is Axis Europe, which had a two-man team try it out on interior doors at a South London property. 

Supervisor Adam Whitbread said: “It’s really impressive. 

“The best thing for me is the fact you can apply it and then go back to it. It has exceptional manoeuvrability, so you can move it around on the wood, which you cannot do with a conventional acrylic. 

“This looks and feels like an acrylic, but has the characteristics of a gloss. 

“It’s smooth and does not drag at all and there is minimal smell too.” 

Colleague Dariuz Pusko added: “I was sceptical, as I don’t like acrylics. 

“However, after trying this I’ve changed my mind. It flows very well and is really good indeed.” 

As well as viewing the video, you can find out about Crown Trade Fastflow more by visiting the new Crown Trade website www.crowntrade.co.uk.

More details are also available from the Crown Trade Customer Relations Team by calling 0330 0240297 or emailing info@crowntrade.co.uk