It conquers everything, it makes the world turn and four famous popsters reckoned that it is all you need. Love, folks, we are talking about love. The arrival of Valentine’s Day heralds that Spring is just around the corner, the sap is rising and all that sort of good stuff. Another singer once whined that love is just a four-letter word, but he was always renowned for going against the flow.

It’s a funny old thing, love. Most of the world’s belief systems have been based around the idea that there is something more important than human beings, which demands to be loved, and that meanwhile we all ought to be nice to each other. Whether or not you believe in the supreme deity bit, it is hard to argue against love being a happier way to approach life than hatred or indifference.

Love is the subject of countless clichés and quotes, but quite a few of these come back to a simple idea. If you want to be loved – and most people do – you have to reciprocate. In fact, they say, you have to kick off the process and get your loving in first, then wait and hope for a pleasing reaction.

None of this, of course, has anything to do with our everyday working lives. Er, wrong. You can pretty much expect that the folks you work with are going to behave towards you in the same way as you treat them. That applies to bosses, colleagues, subordinates, customers, suppliers and anyone else. If you view everyone around you with thinly veiled contempt, you need not clear too much shelf space ready for your birthday cards. On the other hand, everybody likes a nice guy.

That is quite enough about love. We are supposed to be talking about the world of managing vehicles and their drivers. Drivers, believe it or not, are people and they respond to a loving approach in the same way as anyone else. Nobody is suggesting that a driver should arrive for work only to find flowers and chocolates resting affectionately against the steering wheel. There are other ways of showing that you care for drivers’ wellbeing, appreciate their toil and value their contribution. Find some good ideas and you might be surprised at how your workload is eased. You might see immediate benefits yourself, even before drivers react to your gestures.

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