The first battery-powered loading pump for drywall finishing

10 May 2021

Have you heard the rumours about a revolutionary new Graco drywall finishing product? They’re all true! It’s the industry’s first battery-powered loading pump for drywall finishing. Replacing a manual loading pump, it is designed to fill all manual or automatic taping and finishing tools easily and consistently throughout the day, without the usual fatigue.

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With PowerFill 3.5™ hand pumping is history. That is great news because it means you can:

  • Save time and work more easily
  • Reduce fatigue and injuries
  • Raise their profits and upscale their business

Designed and built according to the high Graco quality standards you’re familiar with, PowerFill 3.5 comes in 3 series: a Standard Series for residential and remodelling jobs, and 2 Pro Series for large residential and commercial jobs.

Standard Series for occasional residential and remodelling jobs, with all standard features includedPro Series for large residential and commercial jobs requiring more productivityPro Series XL should be considered when working with larger bucket sizes
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About Graco
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